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Suggestion - Quest Picker

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Love the app - really well done - thanks FFG for breathing new life into this game.


One suggestion that I would REALLY love to have would be a quest picker.


There are nights we want to get in and play one quest - not need to start a campaign. Or maybe I want to introduce a few people to the game... I would love a one off to do this. Additionally - maybe I played a really awesome quest and want to run through it again with another buddy... I can think of several reasons this would be fantastic.


There is also the chance - I never get to see some of them as they are displayed randomly... I could play the campaign 10 times and not see them all.


Please consider a Quest Picker!


Also - one other idea would be to have the chance to pick a couple monster groups that would be in that quest...


Would be fun to choose the quest - and maybe there are 6 monster groups that would be spawned through the course of the quest - maybe the option to choose 3 monsters... just an idea.

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Also - I think it would be pertinent to maybe only have the side quests as playable in the quest picker.


This would just enhance the over all bonus of getting that next Hero Monster pack. If you and your buddies pick up the new pack - you can crack it open and have an encounter with those monster groups right away... not hoping to have to wait for the quest to randomly show up in the course of a campaign.

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SIDE QUEST PICKER for windows (.Net 4.5)



1) Download the file - unpack it to a folder
2) open RTL Picker.exe.config and change the path to your current rtl steam save path
3) start rtlpicker and select which slot you like to manipulate
4) checked sidequests after slot selection, are the active one - you can now select what ever you like
5) Manipulate & Save to store the changed slot (a backup from the original is saved in backup folder)
6) You can select how many sidequets you like but only 7 will be displayed in the RTL Map, because no more points are defined in the original code


7) The best time to do this manipulation is when you on the map screen

7a) Exit the Current Game to Main Menu

7b) Start manipulation

7c) Load the saved game




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Yeah - I saw this on BGG. I typically play on my iPad (but have a Lenovo Yoga this could work on... so I'll likely nab it.)


Official support would be awesome for the other devices... BUT - I like it - thanks!

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