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No more expansions because... no more game!

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According to the news, FFG won't be making this game anymore due to losing the license with GW. That also means no more expansions will be released.


I guess the chance is not technically zero with GW starting to explore board games and making an attempt at producing something similar to BBTM, but I wouldn't hold my breath.


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Agreed, it's a fantastic game that could have been expanded further

Well actually, I don't think it could have.


Not without making the game even more complex and significantly slower. Seriously, the last expansion threw a huge chunk of new stuff into the game, stuff that I'm still not sure enriches the game in the end, or improves the gaming experience. Bar the teams themselves, I dislike Foul Play as an expansion, in general.


Following up on that, new teams would invariably involve new abilities. Thus new keywords, into new staff upgrade cards, into more complexity and probably into more unbalance between the teams. Poor Vampires. Anyway,


So yeah, while I agree more teams would have been cool to see, I actually think these ones we have are more than enough considering the rules model FFG have been using with the introduction of new teams. E.g. every time new teams are released, a huge chunk of additional rules is necessary to cover them.


And I don't think designing fan-made teams to cover other races with existing abilities and keywords would be as cool. You would want new abilities.

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