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Heightened Senses and Exceptional Cybernetics

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I've got what may be a stupid question. The organs that give Heightened Senses, the Occulobe and Lyman's Ear, are not actually the eyes and ears - they're processing augmentations, not better eyes and ears per se. Does that mean that Common-quality Cybernetic eyes and ears still have the Heightened Senses traits, and Exceptional-quality ones add a further +10, since Heightened Senses stack (eg Autosenses)? Or is that silly, and all an Exceptional-quality cybernetic sense does is replicate the bonus a marine's normal eyes and ears have?


Thanks for answering my stupid question!

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1. Short answer: No, they do not stack.


2. Long(er) Answer: The Astartes' biological enhancements are just that, biological boosts to the human condition.  Cybernetic enhancements are also just that, technological boosts to the human condition.  Both boost the baseline (human) stats, but through different methods.

I ride a horse to go to the food market.  I ride a motor scooter to go to the food market.  Different methods, same destination.


WH40K Cybernetics is meant to replace lost limbs/organs, since Imperium technology does not believe in cloning & grafting new limbs, or biological regeneration.

Higher-grade cybernetics will have the boosts, but the vast majority of cybernetic recipients (even Astartes) have to make do with the crude and bulky "common"-grade cybernetics.

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