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The Freedom of Isolation

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I'm about to start a new DW Campaign (I've not done DW, just RT/DH) where my players are stuck in a system that is surrounded by warp storms.

Their NPC Brother-Captain will die, leaving only players as the top DeathWatch representatives in the solar system - whilst there is a local inquisitor, he's a member of the Ordo Hereticus and so has no direct authority over the Deathwatch Detachment. 


This means that effectively, they're a force unto their own - they choose their missions, forge contacts and support themselves even when cut off from the reinforcements and supplies of the Watch Fortress. 


Campaign Specials:

Extremely Limited Ammunition -

After the first 'introductory' mission, I'll multiply their ammunition expenditure by 3 and that's the lot for this campaign. (This means they either have to either make their own after securing the materials, get others to make some for them or adapt and switch to weaponry with locally accessible ammunition).


Armour Degradation - 

Any weapon that has a penetration level over the Armour value has a chance to permanently reduce the Armour value.

E.g. Armour 8 on the arm -- but is hit by a Melta with higher pen. D10 roll of a 9 or 10 = Armour reduced by 1 on the arm.

(This is to enforce target prioritisation and tactical planning and to also represent the natural attrition of their equipment without the facilities and materials they need).


Hunter-Destroyer -
Heavily damaged from the mission that brought them to the system in which they're trapped. Shuttles them around and assists in missions (Orbital Lance Strike every 24 hours, hangar for their Corvus Blackstar). Acts as their home within the solar system. It can't provide more assistance than that considering it is undermanned and effectively crippled. 


Fickle Warp - 
Since they're stuck in the middle of a warp storm, psychic powers may have unintended consequences (could be beneficial OR detrimental, more RNG) even if they're successfully manifested. Considering DW doesn't have a possession mutation table, I'll be using the one from RT (Due to a lot more Daemonic focus on the solar system and Marines aren't immune to possession and its effects). 




On one hand I'm giving them more leverage and power than other Deathwatch campaigns/kill teams due to their isolation but I'm also giving them responsibility and problems they wouldn't have experienced due to Watch Fortress oversight/support. 


They should feel like the powerful and glorious defenders of man that they are, yet dread their seemingly inevitable decline into eventual death and obscurity. 


Thoughts? Opinions? Constructive Criticism?

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