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The Emperor's Chosen - Tactical Maneuvers

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 I found a strange thing in this rulebook, specifically the part about Tactical Maneuvers.

 To use Offensive Maneuvers, there must be more Marines in Offensive Roles than in Defensive Roles. The same applies to Defensive Maneuvers.

 Enter Tactical Maneuvers. To use them, you must have the same number of Offensive and Defensive Roles. Now, this makes it tricky:

 - If you have group with 3 or 5 Astartes, you cannot use Tactical Maneuvers, since you can never have equal number of Offensive and Defensive Roles, since Leader is also an Offensive or Defensive Role.
 - There is one special Oath of Legacy that makes role of Leader both Offensive nad Defensive wich allows those groups to use it... but it locks it for the groups with 2/4/6 Astartes.

 I am inclined to just allow Squad Leader to just make a Command Test with some penalty, like -20, to make his role "Tactical" instead of "Defensive/Offensive". This way every group can use every Oath of Legacy if they meet prerequisites.

 Is there any official souliton mentioned in this rulebook for this kind of situation? I can't find any. Or perhaps you have some better ideas how ti fix it?

 I know The Emperor's Chosen is the least known/used rulebook in the DW line (aside form Solace rulebooks, but it looks like no one uses those even in DH/RT/OW/BC anyway), but perhaps someone would like to help?

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Our group hasn't used any of that stuff (yet. My plan is to introduce it soon), but I was thinking the same thing... Our Kill-team has 4 so obviously it's not a problem for us, but my immediate reaction reading those rules was exactly like yours. What if we had 3? Or 5? A command test and be done with it, I guess.

I haven't seen anything from the official rules on this, other than how much they leave up to the GM to tweak the system as needed in the CRB. They seem to make mentions pretty frequently that some things will probably need to be house ruled. Not because it's imperfect or they're making the players do the design work, but because there may be situations unique to the group.

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