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The Big Destiny trade Thread

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Located in the USA.  USA trades only please.

Have for trade:


1 Alt Art Tie Fighter from Q1

1 First Order Stormrooper

1 F-11D

1 Count Dooku

2 Immobilize

1 Speeder Bike Scout

1 Leia Organa

1 Rebel Trooper

1 BB-8

2 Rey's Staff

1 Black Market





Looking for:

Commanding Presence

Force Choke



Luke's Lightsaber


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I have a boat load of stuff available for trade, looking to consolidate my cards into a smaller collection.  

I'm not looking to trade 1-for-1, I'm looking to trade multiples of my rares for a fewer number of legendaries/rares as I am trying to decrease the number of cards and dice I have around.


  • All Legendaries except for: Black One, Launch Bay, Phasma, AT-ST, Millennium Falcon
  • Jetpack
  • Sith Holocron
  • Holdout Blaster
  • Force Training



Game Night Kit
x1 First Order Tie Fighter Alt-Art


x3 Full Playset (2 of each card)


x1 Ace In the Hole
x2 Endless Ranks
x2 The Best Defense
x1 Local Garrison
x1 Abandon All Hope
x1 Hidden In Shadow
x7 Nowhere to Run
x4 Confiscation
x1 Fight Dirty
x1 Commando Raid
x1 Retreat
x1 Anticipate
x6 Daring Escape
x7 Let the Wookie Win
x1 Supporting Fire
x11 Flank
x1 Echo Base


x7 BB-8
x3 Black Market
x2 Comlink
x1 Count Dooku
x1 Cunning
x2 Diplomatic Immunity
x1 DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol
x2 First Order Stormtrooper
x4 First Order Tie Fighter
x4 Flame Thrower
x2 Force Protection
x4 Gaffi Stick
x4 Hired Gun
x6 Immobilize
x2 Infiltrate
x8 Infantry Grenades
x2 Jango Fett
x5 Jedi Robes
x2 Leia Organa
x3 Nightsister
x3 On the Hunt
x2 Outpost
x2 Padawan
x3 Padme Amidala
x4 Rebel Trooper
x9 Rey's Staff
x3 Speeder Bike Scout

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USA trades only please

Have for trade:

1 alt art Kyle Ren

1 alt art Tie Fighter

#78   5 x Personal Escort

#81   1 x Enrage

#100   1 x My Kind of Scum

#119   1 x Patience

#130   1 x Let the Wookie Win

#142   1 x Logistics

#144   1 x Supporting Fire

#146   1 x Disturbance in the Force

#153   2 x Block

#157   2 x Take Cover


Would like:

#1   1 x Captain Phasma

#51  2 x DL-44 Heavy Blaster

#53   2 x Outpost

#54   1 x DH-17 Blaster Pistol

#55   1 x IQA-11 Blaster Rifle

#63   1 x Holdout Blaster

#70   2 x Endless Ranks

#74   2 x Tactical Mastery

#76   1 x Drudge Work

#137   1 x Second Chance






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US trades only please.
Looking for:
Luke's Lightsaber
Have for trade:
1x General Grievous
1x General Veers
2x Rebel War Room
3x Separatist Base
3x Imperial Armory
3x Jedi Temple
1x Mos Eisley Space Port
1x Emperor's Throne Room
2x Scout
1x Rey's Staff
1x Infantry Grenades
2x BB-8
4x Personal Escort
2x The Force is Strong
1x Jedi Council
1x Black Market
2x Backup Muscle
3x Street Informants
2x My Kind of Scum
1x Drudge Work
1x Flank
1x Daring Escape
1x Nowhere to Run
2x Block
4x Dodge
3x Take Cover
1x Boundless Ambition
2x Isolation
4x Feel Your Anger
2x Patience
2x Disturbance in the Force
4x Heroism
3x Defensive Stance
1x Noble Sacrifice
3x Intimidate
2x Enrage
2x Pull the Strings
2x Draw Attention
4x Lying in Wait
3x Don’t Get Cocky
1x Scavenge
1x Hyperspace Jump
1x Let the Wookie Win
3x Scramble
1x Shoot First
2x Smuggling
2x He Doesn't Like You
1x Armed to the Teeth
2x Go for the Kill
3x Negotiate
2x Second Chance
4x Occupation
2x The Best Offense
1x Cannon Fodder
4x Stategic Planning
1x Defensive Position
2x Probe
3x Sweep the Area
1x Surgical Strike
1x Commando Raid
3x Field Medic
3x Natrual Talent
1x Closing the Net
Thank you!

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Hey Y'all, looking for trades to complete my playset. Here's my list...just PM me offers and thanks for your help in advance. US Trades only please.



Crime Lord

General Grievous
Count Dooku
FO Stormtrooper
Speeder Bike Scout
Rebel Trooper
F-11D Rifle
2x BB-8
Padme Amidala
2x Diplomatic Immunity

1x One With the Force
2x Launch Bay
1x Falcon
2x DH-17 Blaster
1x Vader
1x Han

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UK based but have and will trade internationally (Ace status on the x wing trade thread) 


Alt Art Rey from launch events

Alt Art Rey from Worlds

Alt Art Kylo from Worlds


looking for;-

FFG acrylic resource tokens

some x wing and armada acrylics including the new engineering tokens - message me to discuss 

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Have a bunch of promos from the prelaunch event for trade:
3x Kylos shuttle
3x Overkill
2x Death troopers

Also have these for trade:
Launch Bay

Chirrut Imwe


Looking for:
Most of legendary characters or upgrades (old/new)
Asajj Ventress

I'm open for other offers of value

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Is anybody here interested in getting Awakening cards in other languages?

Due to FFG policy it is quite difficult to have English product here in Europe (besides UK, of course), so I'm selling stuff on e-bay mainly but I do not know if there are players interested in Italian cards, for example.

Dice have no language on them of course :P

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Bowcaster x2
Obiwan Kenobi
U-wing x2

Makashi Training x4
Force Push
Astromech x3
Supply Line x2
Lone Operative x4
Smuggling Freighter x2
Outer Rim Smuggler x2
Maz Kanata
Jyn Erso x2
R2-D2 x3
Journal of Ben Kenobi x5
Force Heal x3
Delta-7 Interceptor x4
Luminara Unduli
Chirrut Imwe x5
Jedi Acolyte x2
A180 Blaster
Temmin Snap Wexley x2
Rebel Commando x3
Mon Mothma x2
Vibroknuckles X3
Personal Shield x2
Unkar Plutt x2
Guavian Enforcer
Aurra Sing x4
Interrogation Droid
Lure of Power x2
Lightsaber Pike x2
Royal Guard
Darth Vader Dark Apprentice x2
Asajj Ventress x2
DT-29 Heavy Blaster Pistol x2


Maz's Goggles
Force Lightning
Force Speed

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