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The Big Destiny trade Thread

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Coincidentally, I, too, just completed a trade with moose4747. Prompt, courteous, and trustworthy trader. Card/die received in pristine condition from across the country. 10/10, would do business with again. 

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For trade purposes i guess it would be great if some online card market platform would incorporate this game it would be easier to trade the stuff you need or want to get rid of the excess. Many of my friends for different games they play use magiccardmarket.eu sadly they don't have Destiny in their range of database yet.

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Looking for the last 2 Legendary cards/dice I need:

Luke Skywalker (pending in trade)

One With The Force


I have:

Poe Dameron

Millennium Falcon

Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber

...lots of rares, so I can throw one in to sweeten the deal. Thanks!

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Card/dice availibilty update

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Happy to trade multiple card in exchange for higher rarity in your favor for my priority items

        Have    Have Leg
spirit    leg    1    Blackmail
            Have Rare
Spirit    rare    2    Asajj Ventress x2
Spirit    rare    3    Ascension gun x3
Spirit    rare    3    Astromech x3
Spirit    rare    1    Aurra sing
Spirit    rare    2    C3p0 x2
Spirit    rare    1    Force push
Spirit    rare    3    Guavian Enforcer x3
Spirit    rare    1    Imperial discipline
Spirit    rare    1    Jedi Acolyte
Spirit    rare    1    Jyn Erso
Spirit    rare    3    Lightsaber pike x3
Spirit    rare    3    Lone operative x3
Spirit    rare    2    Luminara unduli x2
Spirit    rare    2    Lure of power x2
Spirit    rare    2    Makashi Training x2
Spirit    rare    1    Overkill
Spirit    rare    2    Personal shield x2
Spirit    rare    3    Rebel Commando x2
Spirit    rare    2    Temmin Snap Wexley x2
Spirit    rare    2    Unkar x2
Spirit    rare    1    Virbro Knuckles
Spirit    rare    1    Vribroknife
Spirit    rare    1    tie pilot
Promo    Promo    1    Kylo Ren alt art
Promo    Promo    3    alt art tie fighter
Promo    Promo    1    alt art command shuttle
Awake    Rare    2     IQA-11 Blaster Rifle 
Awake    Rare    2     Veers 
Awake    Rare    4     Reys Staff 
Awake    Rare    1     Padme Amidala 
Awake    Rare    2     Black Market 
Awake    Rare    1     Jango 
Awake    Rare    1     tusken Raider 
Awake    Rare    1     Gaffi Stick 
Awake    Rare    3     Jedi Robes 
Awake    Rare    1     Cunning 
Awake    Rare    1     nighsister 
Awake    Rare    2     first order storm trooper 
Awake    Rare    1     Count Dooku 
Awake    Rare    1     Force Protection 
Awake    Rare    2     Infiltrate 
Awake    Rare    1     DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol 
Awake    Rare    1     Holdout Blaster 
Awake    Rare    1     Survival Gear 
Awake    Rare    2     Immobilize 
Awake    Rare    2     Leia Organa 
Awake    Rare    2     Comlink 
Awake    Rare    1     Infantry Grenade 
Awake    Rare    1     Speeder Bike Scount 
Awake    Rare    1     Scout 
Awake    Rare    1     Flame Thrower 
Awake    Rare    2     BB-8 
Awake    Rare    2     first order tie fighter 
Awake    Rare    1     Admiral Ackbar 
Awake    Rare    1     Qui-Gon Jinn 
Awake    Rare    1     Sith Holocron 
Awake    Rare    1     Datapad 

Here is what I need.  #1 priority is palpatine and force speed.

Awake    Leg    1    AT-ST
Awake    Leg    2    Kylo Ren Lightsaber
Awake    Leg    2     Black one 
Awake    Leg    1    Lukes Lightsaber
Awake    Leg    2     One with the force 
Awake    Leg    1    Millennium Falcon
Awake    Rare    1    General Grievous
Spirit    leg    1    Palpatine
Spirit    leg    1    Slave 1
Spirit    leg    2    U-wing x 2
Spirit    leg    1    Chewbacca
Spirit    leg    1    Bowcaster
Spirit    leg    2    Maz Goggles x2
Spirit    leg    1    Force Speed x 1
Spirit    leg    1    Quad Jumper?
Spirit    rare    1    Con artist
Spirit    rare    1    FN-2199
Spirit    rare    1    Mon Mothma
Spirit    rare    1    Royal Guard

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Looking for a TRADE...

I have 

1  Luke Skywalker   #35 Legendary

1 Han Solo                #46 Legendary


1x Admiral Ackbar     #27  Rare

2x Holdout Blasters    #63 Rare

2x IQA-11 Blaster Riffles    #55 Rare

2x Dug In   #139   Uncommon

1x Promotion #56  Rare

2x Scout  #33   Rare

1x All IN  #152   Uncommon

1x It's a Trap  #107   Uncommon

2x Rearm  #109   Uncommon


Contact direct


US ONLY Please. 



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Updating my trade list as I just cracked open another booster box today

I have


Launch Bay x1

Millenium Falcon x1

FO Trooper x1

F11D Rifle x2

FO Tie Fighter x3

General Grievous x1

Leia Organa x2

Admiral Ackbar x4

General Veers x1

Scout x2

Survival Gear x2

Bala Tik x3

Jetpack x3

On the hunt x2

Black Market x1

Flame Thrower x1

Cunning x1

DL-44 Heavy Blaster x1

Gaffi Stick x1

Lightsaber x1

Immobilize x2

Jedi Robes x3

Sith Holocron x3

Force Training x2

Nightsister x1

Qui-Gon Jinn x1

Datapad x1

Holdout Blaster x2

Rey's Staff x1

Infantry Grenade x3

BB8 x2



Commanding Pressence x1

Count Dooku x1

Darth Vader x2

Force Choke x1

Jabba the hutt x1

Black One x1

Luke Lightsaber x2

One With the Force x2

Infiltrate x1

Promotion x1

Confiscation x2

Electroshok x1


I will trade multiple rares for Legendaries and 3-4 Uncommons for an uncommon that I need just ask and I will tell you if I have the uncommons you want I have plenty to trade.

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Admiral Ackbar



Black Market

First Order Stormtrooper

First Order TIE Fighter

Flame Thrower

Force Protection

Force Training

General Veers

Han Solo

Hired Gun


Infantry Grenades


IQA-11 Blaster Rifle

Jedi Robes


Leia Organa



Rebel Trooper

Rey's Staff


Speeder Bike Scout

Tusken Raider




Captain Phasma

Command Center

Crime Lord

Gaffi Stick

Launch Bay

Luke Skywalker

No Mercy

On the Hunt

Qui-Gon Jinn


Survival Gear

Thermal Detonator


US only, serious trades, all mint/near mint with dice, expecting the same. email me at gear2002@gmail.com

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Have the following for trade: 


Launch Bay
Leia Organa   
Jango Fett
General Greivous
Count Dooku
Speeder Bike Scout
On the Hunt
Immobilize 5x
Infantry Grenades 3x
First Order TIE Fighter 3x
Force Protection
DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol 2x
Gaffi Stick (2x)  
Jedi Robes (3x)
Rey’s Staff (4x)
Survival Gear (2x)
Rey w/ 2 dice
Kylo Ren w/ 2 dice
Also have a Lot of about 230 uncommon, commons. PM Me and I can tell you what cards or what's missing to make 2x set of each. 
Darth Vader      
Force Choke
Poe Dameron
Han Solo
Millenium Falcon   
Thermal Detonator x2
kylo ren's lightsaber x2 
Phasma x1
One with the Force x1
Sith Holocron x1
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