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The Big Destiny trade Thread

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9 hours ago, Corban LaFon said:

Not sure how to tag people but I just completed my first trade on this forum. Throwing props to Piscettios for a good and timely trade! Thanks!

Use the @ symbol and then the name

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Added some available Legacies Legendaries. Full post about 3 quarters of the way down page 16.

Leg #17 - Kallus' Bo-Rifle
Leg #49 - Saw Gerrera
Leg #54 - Zeb Orrelios' Bo-Rifle
Leg #57 - Force Wave
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Hello there,

I am looking for these cards:


Tarkin 2x

Force Speed 

Obi-Wan's lightsaber

Secondary wants to complete my collection:

Kylo's starfighter

Crystal Ball

Battle Droid

Nute Gunray

My haves:

I have got almost everything for trade across all sets, depends on an offer with the exception of Ancients. I am willing to trade worldwide if the deal is intersting for me. I am from Europe, Czech republic.  Let me know and we can work something out.


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Hi All, 

I'm cashing out and looking for Star Wars CCG cards.

Up for grabs: 

Awakenings complete set x2.  other notables, 4 holdout blasters included.

SoR almost complete set x2.  Missing 2 Force Speed, 1 Lightbow, and 2 Force Illusions.  4x vibroditties.

EaW almost complete set x2.  Missing 2 Ancient Lightsabers, 2 Shotos.  3x ID9 and 3x chance cubes.

2 Player game, 2x everything EXCEPT Raise the alarm.

Rivals 2x, EXCEPT Hidden Motive.

Legacies almost complete set x2.  Missing 2 Yoda, 2 Force wave, 2 Heirloom LS, 2 Battle Droids, 2 easy pickings, 2 entangled, 1 into the garbage chute.


Most sets will have more than 2 rares and up to 6 each UC and C. 

Please PM me if you're interested or have questions.   I am only trading items as sets so please do not ask about individual cards.

Thank you!

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Not "selling"

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