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The Big Destiny trade Thread

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Looking to trade for the following: Ashoka, Ghost

Have: Black One, AT-ST, Chopper, Commanding Presence, T-7 Ion Disruptor Rifle, Poe, q3 shield tokens

Have done tons of trades on facebook if you're looking for feedback on me. Thanks!

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I am looking for:

Ancient Lightsaber, X-8 Night Sniper

Hired Gun, Tie Pilot, Servant of the darkside x2, Rookie Pilot x3, Jedi Instructor x2, Wookie Warrior x2



Maz's Goggles, Chopper, Mace Windu, Grand Inquisitors Lightsaber, Thrawn, Ghost, Sabine Wren, Seventh Sister, K-2SO

Magna Guard

Gamorrean Guard x2



Natural Pilot

Training Remote

EMP Grenade

Cable Launcher

Hera Syndulla

Chance Cube

Weapons Cache x2

z-95 Headhunter x3

Y-wing x2

Quinlan Vos x3

Extortion x3

A280 Blaster Riflex2

General Rieekan

T-47 Airspeeder x2

Cienna Ree x3

AT-DP x2

Lead by example x3

Bazine Netal x3

Ezra Bridger x4

LL-30 Blaster Pistol x3

Relby-V10 Mortar Gun x4

Lando Calrissian x2

Shoto Lightsaber x4

Kanan Jarrus x2

Energy Slingshot x2


Send me what you want if you have either of those legendaries I will trade in your favor.

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Hi all,

I have one Sabine Wren, and one Mace Windu and one OG Darth Vader.  I'm looking for Ancient Lightsabers.  If anyone is interested,  please PM me and we can make a deal.

Legacies Update:

Looking for :

Obi-Wan's Lightsaber 

and of course,  Yoda.


1: Kylo's Starfighter

1: Zeb's bo-rifle

1: Kalus's bo-rifle


Above pre-Legacies still available.

Still need ancient light sabers.



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Adding stuff

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Let's make a deal...



Grand Moff 
Doctor Aphra
Rebellion Leader
Force Wave 
Jedha Partisan x2
Palpatine- Darth Sidious
Clone Trooper 
Roguish Charm x4
Force Rend x2
Rose x2
Dark Advisor x2
Rebel Traitor x4
ETA-2 Interceptor x2
Nute Gunray
Wedge Antilles

Ion Disruptor Rifle x2
Grand Inquisitor's Lightsaber x3
X-8 Night Sniper
Quinlan Vos
Relby V-10 Mortar Gun
Cable Launcher
Natural Pilot
LL-30 Blaster Pistol 
BD-1 Cutter Vibro-Ax x2
Wookie Warrior
Rookie Pilot x3
Darth Vader's TIE Advanced x3
Chance Cube
Tough Haggler x4
Bazine Netal x4
Coordination x2
Temptation x2
General Hux 
General Rieekan x2
Hera Syndulla
AT-DP x2
Servant Of The Darkside x3
Jedi Instructor x3
Ciena Ree x2
Probe Droid x2
Energy Slingshot
Ezra Bridger x5
Weapons Cache x2

Chirrut Imwe x3
DT-29 Heavy Blaster Pistol
Con Artist x2
Guavian Enforcer
Smuggling Freighter
Rebel Commando
Tie Pilot x2
Delta-7 Interceptor
Asajj Ventress 
Jedi Acolyte
Luminara Unduli x2
Maz Kanata
Lightsaber Pike
Imperial Discipline
FN-2199 x2

Launch Bay
Leia Organa x2
Finn-First Order Defector
Immobilize x2
Nightsister x2
Promotion x2
Survival Gear
General Veers
General Grievous
FO Storm Trooper
FO TIE Fighter
Hired Gun
Qui-Gon Jinn
Rey's Staff
Speeder Bike Scout x2
Count Dooku x2
Force Protection x2
Black Market x4
On The Hunt x2
Rebel Trooper
Infantry Grenades
IQA-11 Blaster Rifle x3



Holdout Blaster
Force Throw*


Rocket Launcher*
Force Speed x2*
Z-6 Riot Baton
Maz's Googles

Sabine Wren*
Mace Windu*
LR1K Sonic Canon



Kylo Ren's Starfighter x2
Crystal Ball x2*
Battle Droid x3 
Frag Grenade x2 
Canto Bight Pistol 

Fast Hands, Diplomatic Protection, Second Chance, The Best Defense 

Two Player Game/Starter
Rey's Lightsaber
Poe's Blaster
Dark Counsel

Heirloom Lightsaber

Wrist Rockets

Hidden Blaster

I've had successful trades with orgeboy2, Jut, Rookie Pilot and quite a few others from these forums. US only, will go for Canada if its a big trade. 

Edited by Piscettios
Updated 4/16 for recent trades

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New trades for Legacies stuff


Grand Moff

2x Han Solo (AWK)


Resistance Bomber

Ark Angel

2x Master of The Council

Kylo Ren's Lightsaber

2x Slave 1 (SOR)

2x Grand Inquisitor

2x Grand Inquisitors Lightsaber

Black One


Mother Talzin


Wedge Antilles

E-11 Blaster

Roguish Charm


Scrap Heap

Easy Pickings

Into the Garbage Chute

2x Snare




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Looking to trade for


Yoda x1...
Tarkin x1
Ancient Lightsaber x1


Hired Gun x1
Tie Pilot x1
Servant of the darkside x2
Rookie Pilot x3
Jedi Instructor x2
Wookiee Warrior x2
Dark Advisor x2
Battle Droid x5
Veteran Stormtrooper x3
Rebel Traitor x1
Clone Trooper x2


Double Strike
Delve x2
Diplomatic Protection x1
Sudden Impact x1

I have


Maul's Saber
Dr Aphra
Kylo's Starfighter
Grand Moff
Mace Windu
Seventh Sister
Sabine Wren
Inquisitors Saber
Maz's Goggles



Separatist Landing Craft x3
Force Meditation x2
Hush-98 Comlink x2
Lookout Post x2
Bartering x3
Gang Up x3
Palpatine x2
E-11 Blaster x1
Aayla Secura x3
Runaway Boomas x2
Nute Gunray x2
Vibrocutlass x1
Bib Fortuna x3
Republic Cruiser x2
Rose x2
Obi-Wan Kenobi x2
Mother Talzin x1
Canto Bight Pistol x1
Auto Cannon x2
BT-1 x1
Crystal Ball x1
Jar Jar Binks x2
Fragmentation Grenade x1
Wedge Antilles x1
Kallus x2
Force Rend x2
Ark Angel x1
BB-9E x2
Ground Battalion x1
Modified HWK-290 x1
Stun Baton x1
Hondo Ohnaka x1
Suppression Field x1

Older Rares:

Royal Guard x1
Unkar Plutt x2
Maz Kanata x1
Aurra Sing x2
A180 Blaster x4
Jyn Erso x1
Energy Slingshot x2
Shoto Lightsaber x3
Relby Mortar Gun x2
LL-30 Blaster x2
Ezra Bridger x2
Bazine Netal x3
Lead By Example x2
AT-DP x2
Ciena Ree x2
T-47 Aispeeder x1
A280 Blaster Rifle x1
Extortion x3
Quinlan Voss x3
Y-Wing x1
Z-95 Headhunter x2
Weapons Cache x2
Chance Cube x1
Coordination x1
Bossk x1
Gamorrean Guard x2
Mon Mothma x1
Force Heal x1
Imperial Discipline x1
Overkill x1
Jedi Acolyte x1
Vibroknucklers x1
Interrogation Droid x1
Luminara Unduli x2
Lightsaber Pike x1
Smuggling Freighter x1
Lone Operative x1
C-3P0 x1
E-Web x1
Astromech x1
Asajj Ventress x1

Send me a PM with Offers will trade in your favor and willing to trade multiple legendaries with a bunch of rares for Yoda or Ancient Lightsaber

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Willing to make trades or sell. Please send me a list of want you are looking to buy if interested in buying.

Way of the Force Needs
General Grievous - Fearsome Cyborg
General Grievous' Wheel Bike 2
Planetary Bombardment 2
DJ - Treacherous Rogue 2
Ezra Bridger's Lightsaber 2
Leia Organa - Heart of the Resistance 2
Rex - Clone Captain
Rex's Blaster Pistol
Dagger of Mortis 2
Hailfire Droid Tank 2

Force Sensitive Outcast 2
Jedi Sentinel
Gungan Warrior
ARC-170 Starfighter 3
XS Light Stock Freighter 
V-1 Thermal Detonator 2

Legacies Needs 
Maul - Vengeful One
Finn - Soldier of Necessity
Rebellion Leader
Saw Gerrera - Extremist Leader 2
Zeb Orrelios' Bo-Rifle 2
Battle Droid 2

Empire at War Needs 
Ancient Lightsaber 2
X-8 Night Sniper 2

Way of the Force Trades
Selbulba’s Podracer
Ezra Bridger Aspiring Jedi
N-1 Starfighter 2
CR-2 Heavy Blaster

Legacies Trades
Dark Advisor
Rebel Traitor
ETA-2 Interceptor
Mortar Team
Camouflaged Rifle
Runaway Boomas
Ground Battalion
E-11 Blaster

Empire at War Trades 
Probe Droid
Servant of the Dark Side
Darth Vader's TIE Advanced
ID9 Seeker Droid
Bazine Netal - Master Manipulator
Bossk - Wookiee Slayer
LL-30 Blaster Pistol
General Rieekan - Defensive Mastermind
Y-Wing 2
Ezra Bridger - Force-sensitive Thief
Lando Calrissian - Galactic Entrepreneur
Wookiee Warrior
T-47 Airspeeder
Natural Pilot
Weapons Cache
BD-1 Cutter Vibro-Ax
Extortion 2
EMP Grenades 2
Lead by Example 2
Scatterblaster 2

Spirit of Rebellion Trades
Baze Malbus - Crack Shot

FN-2199 - Loyal Trooper 3
Imperial Discipline 6
Asajj Ventress - Force Assassin
Darth Vader - Dark Apprentice 2
Royal Guard 4
Command Shuttle 3
Command Shuttle ALT 2
Lightsaber Pike 3
Lure of Power 2
Interrogation Droid 3
Aurra Sing - Deadly Shot
Unkar Plutt - Junk Dealer 3
Personal Shield 
Temmin "Snap" Wexley - Recon Specialist
A180 Blaster
Delta-7 Interceptor
Maz Kanata - Pirate Queen 4
Outer Rim Smuggler 2
Supply Line 3
Astromech 4
Ascension Gun 2
Overkill ALT 2
Death Trooper ALT 3
Guard ALT 3

Awakenings Trades
Captain Phasma - Elite Trooper 2
Commanding Presence
Kylo Ren's Lightsaber
Poe Dameron - Ace Pilot
Launch Bay 2
One With The Force 

First Order Stormtrooper 4
General Grievous - Jedi Hunter 2
General Veers - Field Commander 3
First Order TIE Fighter 5
First Order TIE Fighter ALT 2
F-11D Rifle 5
Count Dooku - Devious Strategist
Kylo Ren Vader’s Disciple 2
Nightsister 3
Immobilize 5
Infantry Grenades 6
Speeder Bike Scout 2
Bala-Tik - Gang Leader 2
Jango Fett - Lethal Mercenary
Tusken Raider 4
Flame Thrower
Gaffi Stick 3
Leia Organa - Born Leader
Survival Gear
Qui-Gon Jinn - Ataru Master
Rey Force Prodigy 3
Force Protection
Jedi Robes 6
BB-8 6
Rey's Staff 6
Finn First Order Defector 2
Diplomatic Immunity 2
Outpost 5
IQA-11 Blaster Rifle 3
Promotion 3
Force Training 5
Blackmarket 3 

Edited by sandtrooper2000
Updated with WOTF Etc

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Updated 3/14/18.

USA, Pennsylvania

Available for Trade:

Leg #16 - Grand Moff
Leg #17 - Kallus' Bo-Rifle
Leg #49 - Saw Gerrera
Leg #54 - Zeb Orrelios' Bo-Rifle
Leg #57 - Force Wave
Awk #10 - Darth Vader x1
Awk #35 - Luke Skywalker x1
Awk #5 - AT-ST x1 
Awk #31 - Launch Bay x1
Awk #32 - Black One x1
EaW #4 - Thrawn x1
EaW #7 - T-7 Ion Disruptor Rifle x1
EaW #15 - Grand Inquisitor's Lightsaber x1
Leg #1 - Dark Advisor x2
Leg #4 - Palpatine
Leg #3 - Mother Talzin
Leg #7 - Force Rend x2
Leg #11 - Nute Gunray
Leg #22 - Rebel Traitor
Leg #23 - Ark Angel
Leg #24 - BT-1 x2
Leg #28 - BB-9E x2
Leg #30 - Jedi Temple Guard
Leg #32 - Obi-Wan Kenobi
Leg #34 - ETA-2 Interceptor
Leg #38 - Clone Trooper
Leg #42 - Mortar Team
Leg #43 - Resistance Bomber x2
Leg #44 - Camoflauged Rifle x2
Leg #48 - Jedha Partisan
Leg #51 - Runaway Boomas
Leg #60 - Ground Battalion
Leg #61 - Lookout Post x2
Leg #67 - Bartering
Leg #71 - Canto Bight Pistol
Leg #74 - Stun Baton
EaW #2 - General Hux x1
EaW #9 - Servant of the Dark Side x1
EaW #25 - Hera Syndulla x1
EaW #32 - Jedi Instructor x1
EaW #35 - Training Remote x2
EaW #57 - Chance Cube x1
SoR #5 - E-Web Emplacement x1
SoR #9 - Asajj Ventress x1
SoR #19 - Guavian Enforcer x1
SoR #21 - Unkar Plutt x2
SoR #24 - Personal Shield x1
SoR #25 - VibroKnucklers x1
Awk #4 - General Veers x1
Awk #12 - Nightsister x1
Leg #33 - Yoda
Leg #37 - Obi-Wan's Lightsaber
SoR #55 - Force Speed
SoR #23 - Blackmail
Awk #20 - Jabba the Hutt
EaW #51 - Shoto Lightsaber
Awk #16 - Sith Holocron
Awk #63 - Holdout Blaster
Leg #29 - Aayla Secura
Leg #47 - Jar Jar Binks
Leg #59 - Hush 98 Comlink
Leg #62 - Auto Cannon
Leg #63 - E11 Blaster
Leg #65 - Hondo Ohnaka
Edited by SlimDiggity

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Checking in with good trades to report with: @Mburnaugh64 @sandtrooper2000 And @KillahKwad   Solid trades all around. 

My list(half way up the page) has been updated for recent trades. Still have many things available.

High priority cards are marked with a *. I will trade heavily in your favor if your missing rares from older sets and offer those in trade. 

Edited by Piscettios

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I have an Obi-Wan's lightsaber I am willing to trade. Does anyone have Maul's lightsaber that they would be willing to trade for it?

Thanks :)


Edited by Lionhardt

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Anothet updated list:


Ancient Lightsabers 





1: Kylo's Starfighter

1: Zeb's bo-rifle

1: Kalus's bo-rifle



1: Sabine Wren 

1: Mace Windu 

1: K-2SO 

2: T-7 Ion Disruptor Rifle 



1: Director Krennic

1: U-Wing 

2: Quadjumper 


Also of note, I have 2 Seventh Sisters and 3 ID9 Seeker Droids which could be put on the table.

Thanks for looking 

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Just updating my trade list here.


Ancient light saber x2

Obi-wans light saber x1


Yoda x1

Mauls lightsaber

Finn x2 (New)

Hound's tooth x1

QuadJumper x1

Slave 1 (Sor) x2

Cad Bane x1

Commanding presence x1

Blackmail x1

Ghost x1

black one x1

Rebellion Leader x2

Force wave x2

Riot baton x1


Pm me.

Edited by ZachsDestiny
Updating list

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Maul lightsaber for Zeb Bo-Rifle?

13 hours ago, ImmortalJedi said:

Trading Maul's Lightsaber for Maul and/or Zeb's Bo-Rifle for Kallus' Bo-Rifle. Anyone interested?


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Hey Guys, I’m new to Star Wars Destiny I have mostly cards from Legacies. Below are the cards I have for trade, I’m looking for mostly cards from the first three releases. 

Anakin Skywalker, Canto Bight Pistol, BB-9E, Camouflaged Rifle x 3, Darth Vader’s Tie Advanced, ETA-2 Interceptor, Force Meditation, Force Rend x 3, Kallus x 2, Ketsu Onyo x 2, Lobot x 2, Palpatine, Resistance Bomber, Rose, Wedge Antilles 

USA Trade Only, Thanks for looking. 

Edited by Mburnaugh64
Added cards

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