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The Big Destiny trade Thread

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Looking for the following, larger trades get priority. Also willing to straight sell, buy 2+ cards get free shipping. Discounts for large orders. have extensive trading on Facebook, can link you to my stuff there! Also very active on Reddit.



-One With The Force***
-Maz's Goggles x2
-Hired Gun x2


IQA11 Rifle




-2x Crime Lord 
-2x Jabba (would need a really solid trade to let these go)
-1x Cunning
-2x Datapad 

-Pre-Release full bleed promos, multiple of each (Command Shuttle, Overkill, DeathTrooper) 

-Baze x1 ($15)
-Quadjumper x1 ($12)

-Journal of Obi Wan x1 
-Asajj x1 
-Chirrut x1 
-Lightsaber Pike x3
-Command Shuttle x2
-Luminara x1 
-Delta 7 x1 
-Vader x1
-Force Heal x1 

-Mon Mothma X1
-Death Trooper x1 
-Overkill x1 
-C3Po x1 
-Astromech x2
-E Web x1 
-A180 blaster x2
-FN-2199 x1 
-Snap Wexley x1 

-Lone Operative x4
-Personal Shield x1 
-S. Freighter x2
-Unkar x1 

-Interrogation Droid x2
-R2D2 x2

And LOTS of spare sets of commons and uncommons from SOR, some rares and commons/uncommons from Awakenings as well! Ask if you're looking for any!

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Another successful trade to report, this time with Jut. Arrived very quickly and in great condition.

Also updated my post on page 9... a few more legendary and rares from SoR on offer. 

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Here are the cards I have for trade from SOR:

Card # Card Name Type # For Trade
2  FN-2199 - Loyal Trooper Rare 1
5  E-Web Emplacement Rare 2
6  Imperial Discipline Rare 1
7  DT-29 Heavy Blaster Pistol Rare 1
9  Asajj Ventress - Force Assassin Rare 2
16  Lure of Power Rare 2
18  Aurra Sing - Deadly Shot Rare 1
19  Guavian Enforcer Rare 1
25  Vibroknucklers Rare 2
27  Mon Mothma - Skilled Politician Rare 1
30  C-3PO Rare 2
32  A180 Blaster Rare 1
33  Overkill Rare 1
35  Chirrut Îmwe - Blind Warrior Rare 1
36  Luminara Unduli - Inspiring Commander Rare 1
38  Delta-7 Interceptor Rare 1
41  Journals of Ben Kenobi Rare 1
45  Maz Kanata - Pirate Queen Rare 1
47  Smuggling Freighter Rare 2
49  Lone Operative Rare 2
52  Astromech Rare 1
57  Vibroknife Rare 1
59  Ascension Gun Rare 2
60  Con Artist Rare 2
62  Imperial War Machine Uncommon 2
64  Sustained Fire Uncommon 2
65  Traitor! Uncommon 1
70  Imperial Inspection Uncommon 3
71  Anger Uncommon 1
72  Lightsaber Throw Uncommon 1
84  Loose Ends Uncommon 1
87  Scrap Buy Uncommon 2
89  Armor Plating Uncommon 2
90  Emergency Evacuation Uncommon 1
91  Friendly Fire Uncommon 2
93  Our Only Hope Uncommon 2
95  Sensor Placement Uncommon 3
100  Caution Uncommon 1
103  Guard Uncommon 2
105  My Ally Is The Force Uncommon 1
107  Your Eyes Can Deceive You Uncommon 2
112  Rebel Uncommon 4
115  Never Tell Me The Odds Uncommon 1
118  Life Debt Uncommon 2
119  Bombing Run Uncommon 1
121  Salvo Uncommon 4
129  Momentum Shift Uncommon 1
140  Resolve Uncommon 1
145  "Fair" Trade Uncommon 3
147  Sabotage Uncommon 2
150  Fast Hands Uncommon 1
151  Carbon-freezing Chamber - Bespin Uncommon 2
156  Moisture Farm - Tatooine Uncommon 1
159  Secret Facility - Scarif Uncommon 1

Here are the cards I have for trade from Awakenings:

Card # Card Name Type # Trade
34 Survival Gear Rare 2
50 Diplomatic Immunity Rare 3
52 Infiltrate Rare 1
55 IQA-11 Blaster Rifle Rare 2
88 Emperor's Favor Uncommon 2
103 Commando Raid Uncommon 2
110 Retreat Uncommon 1
113 Resistance HQ Uncommon 1
114 Anticipate Uncommon 1
123 Jedi Council Uncommon 3


Here is what I am looking (priority is underlined) for:

Card # Card Name Type # Needed
1  Death Trooper Rare 1
3  Director Krennic - Cruel but brilliant Legendary 1
13  Command Shuttle Rare 1
14  Force Lightning Legendary 1
20  IG-88 - Assassin Droid Legendary 2
22  Slave I Legendary 1
23  Blackmail Legendary 2
31  U-Wing Legendary 2
37  Obi-Wan Kenobi - Mysterious Hermit Legendary 1
48  Bowcaster Legendary 1
54  Force Push Rare 1
55  Force Speed Legendary 1
78  Dark Presence Uncommon 1

I am located in Vancouver, Canada.  I have had many successful trades in this thread during the Awakenings launch as well as in the X-Wing Trade thread.

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Force Speed x2

Old Ben's Journal x2

One with the Force

Luke's Lightsaber.



Alternate Art Kylo 

Alternate Art Jango

2x Alternate Art First order TIE

2x Alternate Art Electro shock



Director Krennic




A180 Blaster 

Delta-7 Interceptor

Aurra Sing

Guavian Enforcer

2x DT-29 Heavy Blaster

Rebel Commando


Mon Mothma

Hired Gun

Survival Gear x2

2x Data Pad

Command Shuttle

Vibro Knucklers



No Mercy

Carbon Freezing chamber x2



Our Only Hope

Sensor Placement




Maz's Castle

Ace in the Hole

Scrap buy

Hyperspace jump

Planetary uprising 

Loose ends.


Can trade multiples thank you :)


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Updated my trade list, big thing is that I now have 3x Force Lightning for trade. I don't play blue villain so I'd like to trade these out! You can check out my trade list on Page 9 or right here: 



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Hi there! I've traded successfully a bit on the subreddit and was hoping to reach a few more people here with my trades. EDIT: Copied list from the subreddit to here for updates.


  • 1 x One With the Force
  • 2 x Poe Dameron
  • 1 x Quadjumper


  • 1 x Kylo Ren's Lightsaber
  • 2 x AT-ST
  • 1 x Black One
  • 1 x Force Choke

A number of Villain Rares and Uncommons are available as well!

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Update to latest availability.

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Located in US, Virginia specifically. Most cards and dice are in good condition, if not, I'll let you know about the outliers.


1x Millenium Falcon

1x Black One

1x Slave I

1x IG-88

2x Overkill (With alt art too)

1x Jango Fett

1x General Veers

2x C-3PO

2x A180 Blaster

1x E-Web Emplacement

2x Asajj Ventress

1x  Darth Vader- Dark Apprentice (his die has some scratching)

2x Qui-Gon Jinn

1x Gaffi Stick

1x Datapad

1x Cunning

2x Your Eyes Can Deceive You

1x Imperial Inspection

3x Emperor's Favor

1x Second Chance

1x It's A Trap!

2x Rey's Staff

2x Planetary Uprisings

2x Fast Hands


1x Promotion

1x DH-17 Blaster

1x Sith Holocron 

1x Holdout Blaster

1x Baze Malbus


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Located in US, Virginia in particular. Cards and dice are Near Mint unless stated otherwise PM for questions.

Cards i have to trade(Will include respective dice)


Han Solo                            X1

Luke Skywalker.               X1

Launch Bay                         x1      


Death trooper.                 X3

Cunning                              x2

Infantry Grenades            x3

Speeder Bike Scout          x3

C-3PO                                  x2

A180 Blaster                       x2

Lone Operative                  x3

Force Heal                           x1

Jyn Erso                                x2

Guavian Enforcer               x3

Asajj Ventress                     x4

Count Dooku                      x2

Temmin "Snap" Wexley   x2

Darth Vader (SOR)             x1

Mon Mothma                     x2

Luminara Unduli                x1

Aurra Sing                           x2

Tie Pilot                                x2

Immobilize                          x3

Gaffi Stick                            x2

First Order Tie Fighter      x3 (With alt art)

General Grievous               x1

BB-8                                     x1

Qui-Gon Jinn                       x1

Rey's Staff                          x2

Force Protection                x2

Padme Amidala                 x2

Comlink                              x1

Con Artist                           x1

Jedi Robes                         x3

Rebel Trooper                   x2

Smuggling Freighter       x2

Astromech                        x3


Premonitions                  x1

Never Tell Me the Odds  x1

Cheat                               x1

Endless Ranks               x1

Your eyes can deceive you x2

My ally is the force          X1

Second chance.            X2

Planned explosion        x2

Sensor Placement          x2


Wants In order of Priority:

Palpatine                              x1

Force Lightning                   x2

One With the Force.         X2

Holdout blaster.                 X1

Rocket Launcher.              X2


PM if you have questions, if there is something you need to complete a set and have one of my higher priority trades. Perhaps we could work something out.

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Updating List

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Note that I'm located in Canada, which I know is a deal-breaker for many people.



2x Local Garrison

1x Confiscation

2x Endless Ranks

2x DH-17 Blaster Pistol

2x Holdout Blaster

1x Vibroknife

2x Sith Holocron

2x IG-88

1x Crime Lord



1x F-11D Rifle

2x Mon Mothma

2x Supply Line

1x Command Shuttle

2x Royal Guard

1x Journal of Ben Kenobi

2x Makashi Training

1x DT-29 Heavy Blaster Pistol

1x Jyn Erso

2x Darth Vader, Dark Apprentice

2x Chirrut Imwe

1x Unkar Plutt

1x Slave 1

1x Quadjumper

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