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How to Convert Your Willpower Into Attack

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All you need are four ingredients: Spirit Eowyn, Galadriel, Nenya, and Herugrim. I attached Nenya to Galadriel and Herugrim to Eowyn. I exhausted Nenya and Galadriel to add her willpower to Eowyn's, discarded one card as did my buddy, and there you have it, Eowyn with 11 attack.


ffg_eowyn-core.jpg  ffg_MEC45_10.jpgnenya.png galadriel.png

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If you're going with combos you can do this one, it doesn't start with as much will as Eowin, but it works to snipe enemies during the Quest phase, and with Steed of the Mark you can take advantage of the will bonus for questing and combat.  You'd need a leadership friend in the game, or a leadership hero in the lineup, so maybe Sam can fill out the ranks, and with a Stewart of Gondor on Hama he will have plenty of resources to pay for HUTB and SOTM.





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