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Creating a custom GM-screen

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Hi! A friend of mine works at a printing/ad-firm and will kindly print a custom GM-screen for me.
Since I don't have one for Dark Heresy, that is what I want.
The art on the front wont be a problem (so much great 40K-art is around as you know) but what should be on the back?

My question can kinda be summarised as this.

1) What rules are on the back of the official GM-screen?
2) Is there anything you think SHOULD be there, that isn't on the original
3) How is the art/background laid out on the back of the screen? Don't want the players to be the only ones having nice looking carbord to look at :D
Thinking about keeping it kinda simple, but not just one colour with rules-tables pasted on.

As it is right now, I'm certainly looking for lots of the combatrules, since those are the hardest for me to keep in my head. Regular skillcheks ain't as bad as finding the right rule in the midst of combat.
These are prime targets so far.
Table 7-5 (combat actions)
Table 7-6 (Multiple hits)
Table 7-7 (hit locations)
Table 7-8 (Combat difficulty summary)
Table 7-9 (Size modifiers)
Table 7-10 (Cover types)
Table 7-28+29 (movement rounds and narrative)

The fear corruption and madness tables take a bit to much room, so will probably ignore those.
Not THAT many times you will roll them per session, and they are easy to find.

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UPDATE. Got a person who sent me pics of the backside of the original screen, so I now know what is there.
But i still kinda wonder about if there is anything you guys would do different.

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Yeah, they are good to have, but they are so easy to find, and since I use sudden death on most enemies it's not that big of a problem. I just have it in the book.

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