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[Options]Brutal Lament [SPOILER!]

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Greetings, brethern,

I really like "Brutal Lament", especially for the adaption of the "greek society" scheme and want to present it to my player group. Unfortunately, they will be past rank 3 at this point, more likely to be Rank 4 or maybe starting Rank 5.

Thereby, some of the obstacles needs some upgrade. Here are my suggestions for that.
WARNING! In addition to be spoiler heavy, I am not a genious about balancing. So beware!

[The Crypt-Guardian:] I like this beast alot, but would play it with the following changes

Mechanoid & Psycho-Surgery
Since he had to sit there waiting for hundreds (and hundreds?) of year, real mussle would not do much good anymore. I would reduce his Toughness to 22 and do-away with the unnatural toughness, but would make him mostly kybneretic in natur. Either with the Trait Machine (3) or the corresponding kyberprosthetics.
In addition, a post rank 3 psyker might have a very easy way with a creature of this weak of will. Thereby, I would add the Talent "Orthoproxy" and Resistance (Psy) againast all matters of mind-control (Psycho-Surgery). 

Having the "main crypt" in total darkness with no lights starting to shine (which would be the case if someone would have the proper batch) would add to the combat (easy awareness to recognize the guardians rise, but at least one success to no where to turn your flashlight). If your pc are into high penertration weapon (like bolters or plasma), how about having two of these fellows?

[The Traps]
I would turn the spring needler to "auto hit" against stronger pc. The pop-up lasguns I would turn into "duals" or anything similiar which would justify full auto fire. Since they "pop up" form the ceiling, I would ask for an challenging "Awareness" test to prevent "Surprise".

[The stasis chamber]
is a little hard if only a technomant can open it. How about asking for a challenging Common Lore (Tech) check as another possibility? Or Tech-Use?

[Milos hired guns]
Would get a +10 on both WS and BS and of course some armour (Light Flakk Coats or something similiar) in addition to better weapons (autopistoles should do the trick, perhaps some crude guns from the Hive Section of the "IH" (Scrap Cannon, Hack Shotgun, etc).

Milo himself could get the Attributes of an Bounty Hunter (from Core rules)

[Clodius Slaves]
would be upgraded to the attributes of "Scum" (see core rules) and get some weapons ready. Stub revolvers at least, perhaps some cut down double barrel shotgun. (shotgun; halve range; tearing; clip 1(2 shots))

really would get +10 on BS & WS

[The Duchess Guard]
would get +5 on BS & WS and good quality items (noble bodyguard, after all!).

Please take note: All of this is in no way intended as critic to the adventure. I enjoyed it while reading and will enjoy leading a group through it.

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Nice ideas there! As the author (for what it's worth) I'd give all those changes my consent/approval/whatever. FAB.

I'd originally written the adventure as the first mission in a new campaign I was planning so it was designed with quite "fresh" characters in mind (thus teh difficulty levels and skills involved).

Glad you liked it and I'd love to hear how you get on when you run it and what the players think of it.

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Hail to the Nerd King! gui%C3%B1o.gif

Your approval is worth a lot for me, since I was looking to make this option as "embedded" into your adventure as possible. I will gladly post the player opinions here, but since were only joining for a game every 3 or 5 weeks (and have one and a half mission to go) this could take a while.

If you have ever finish "next mission" for this (as in a campaign) and you mind putting them down & sharing them, I would really like to know.

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My group are on a "one session a month" cycle at the minute so I quite understand the speed of response.

If there is a demand I'll certainly make the sequel available at some point soon. The only problem being that as there are a number of ways that "Brutal Lament" can end it will be challenging (but not impossible) to tailor the next episode to tie in with all the possible outcomes.

That raises an interesting point actually - I'd love to hear how players responded to the end and what they decided to do with both the Brutal Lament and the Liber Horribillus.

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One of my groups will finish "Rejoice!" soon, next will be "Brutal Lament" for them.

Thereby, I started to develop some more guest for the party at the beginning which I want to share with you.




Please take not: I might develop some further guests and/or material (like the different "steps" the pc go through the hive in search of "the vault"). If you like what you see, have an eye open for further additions during the course of the next two weeks. happy.gif

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