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Arquitens deck plans

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The largest ships I've seen plans of are at Colonial Chrome (http://colonialchrome.co.uk/Pages/Root_1_B_Capitals.html) and Peter Thompson's site (http://thompsonpeters.com/eote/deckplans_capital/).


Neither of them ever did an Arquitens or anything as large as a Venator...


The Project Minecraft people have a full scale Venator (http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/venator-star-destroyer-star-wars-full-scale/) as well as a number of Star Destroyers.... However they're all in minecraft so they're (to my mind) almost completely unusable.

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HI!!!  so kind of you guys to say,  And just got back a few weeks ago and have been working on some things for Star wars maps and characters for people.  I thought i would log in and post a few things when I saw your kind words!

Here is a commission i did tonight for a friend.   If you want to see the large version you can grab it over here as im still looking for a place to host some really big map artworks.






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