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Your top 5 pilots?

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1: Echo - the re-positioning capability she has is simply unmatched.

2: Ryad - her ability to endlessly dance around her target is glorious

3: Tomax Bren - such a flexible pilot! he can be a mean ordnance boat, a great support shuttle, or even an imperial stressboat!

4: Ello Asty - white troll move. Nuff said. If he were 2-3pts cheaper he'd probably be competitive to me instead of just a good pilot and fun to fly.

5: Tarn Mison - GASP an XWING!? Yeah because the dude has an inverted Biggs effect: nobody wants to hit him because hes really hard to hit if you dont fire from multiple ships. That gives him hilarious freedom. An xwing with freedom can cause a lot of pain, and boy he causes pain.

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1. Echo - because Echo doing Echo things is always fun.

2. Ello - because white t-rolls into a boost is also always fun. Bonus points for being a glorious Beastie Boys sneak reference from Abrams.

3. Wampa - never before has 14 points of ship incited so much fear in anyone.

4. Colzet - Wampa can't be in this list without his buddy.

5. Palob - HWKs are terrifying, aren't they?

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1) Plaob Godalhi: Cause no scum list of mine is complete without the master troll.

2) Omega Leader: Speaking of trolling...

3) Wes Janson: Seeing a pattern?

4) Carnor Jax: Who doesn't like Carnor? Answer. The people flying against him.

And last but not least..........

5) Zuckuss: Not too many ships can hit harder than this guy. Slap dengar crew on him and abuse dat barrel roll ALL day

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1. Vader

2. Soontir

3. Poe

4. Dash

5. Keyan


Those pilots got great abilities - I would love to see some of them in other ships (Keyan in E-Wing, for example, or Vader in TIE Interceptor).

If Keyan ever got in an E-Wing, I think I would never stop using him. FFG, please make this happen in Rebel Vets! Imagine what he could do with BB8!
*shudder....man you're right. That guy would be SCARY.

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Miranda is easily the best most underrated pilot in the game

Flexible ability is a minigame in its own right and she has very flexible builds after TLT

And she can SOLO crackswarm using seismic. That's awesome :o

Also, sexy K

Afterwards its all about troll potential

DRain has his mighty shenanigans. Palob and mux are both hilarious

5th is probably Biggs. On the surface he's so darn boring, but he can frustrate your opponent to no goddamn end

That alone is worth putting him at #5 :P

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1. Omega Leader - Hair-tearing frustration

2. Omicron Group Pilot - ultimate and original workhorse

3. Academy Pilot - Still tier 1 after so many years

4. Colonel Vessary - my boy, and now he has options!!

5. Vader - come on, it's freaking Vader, what more do you want? 'I have you now!' Pew Pew Pew!!

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Through Post #64 (plus my own votes for Fel, "Echo", Jake, Corran, and N'Dru)




Countess Ryad 14

Darth Vader 12

Soontir Fel 12

"Omega Leader" 11

"Echo" 9

The Inquisitor 7

"Howlrunner" 5

Colonel Vessery 5

Rear Admiral Chiraneau 5

"Deathrain" 4

"Whisper" 4

Carnor Jax 4

Maarek Steele 4

Rexlar Brath 2

Tomax Bren 2

"Deathfire" 1

"Omega Ace" 1

"Quickdraw" 1

"Redline" 1

"Wampa" 1

"Zeta Leader" 1

Captain Jonus 1

Juno Eclipse 1

Kir Kanos 1

Lieutenant Colzet 1

Turr Phennir 1





Jake Farrell 10

Poe Dameron 9

Wedge Antilles 8

Biggs Darklighter 6

Dash Rendar 5

Keyan Farlander 5

Nera Dantels 4

Sabine Wren 4

Wes Janson 4

Corran Horn 3

Ello Asty 3

Han Solo 3

Jan Ors 3

Ten Numb 3

Etahn A'baht 2

Kanan Jarrus 2

Miranda Doni 2

Tarn Mison 2

Tycho Celchu 2

"Blue Ace" 1

Arvel Crynyd 1

Chewbacca 1

Eaden Vrill 1

Hera Syndulla 1

Horton Salm 1

Jek Porkins 1

Lieutenant Blount 1

Roark Garnett 1





Dengar 10

Palob Godalhi 10

Bossk 9

Guri 5

Zuckuss 4

4-LOM 3

IG-88B 3

Kath Scarlett 3

N'Dru Shulak 3

Torkhil Mux 3

Fenn Rau 2

IG-88C 2

Kavil 2

Manaroo 2

Talonbane Cobra 2

Boba Fett 1

Dace Bonearm 1

Emon Azzameen 1

IG-88A 1

IG-88D 1

Latts Razzi 1

Moralo Eval 1

Tel Trevura 1

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5. Vessery -- just fun, the workhorse of my double defender list back before they were cool.

4. Corran -- screw regen & VI: I go ptl, engine, R2 Astro & FCS. Fly it like you stole it.

3. Luke -- with his ability being a defensive boost (however slight), I like that I can upgrade him offensively.

2. Ello -- because Talon Rolls are fun.

1. Wedge -- love him with the BB-8 ptl combo.


Or something like that.

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1. Bandit Squadron Pilot: Watch Paul's 2015 Worlds matches and you'll know why.

2. Dark Curse: Before Omega Leader there was the original infuriating TIE pilot.

3. Tarn Mison: Paired with R7, he's hilariously unkillable.

4. Guri: Great ability, great ship, but let down by her cost and pilot skill. Possibly the best vehicle for Predator or Lone Wolf.

5. Echo: So unpredictable even the player doesn't know where Echo will end up!

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1.Wedge, because it's Wedge, and he's Awesome!

2.Tycho, because Psyco Tycho/Angry Tycho

3.Poe, because awesome pilot in an X wing!

4.Ello Asty, because white Tallon rolls!

5.Kavil, because I love his pilot ability, and he's the only Y wing pilot with an EPT. (which is a crime in my opinion!)

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