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Your top 5 pilots?

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My absolute personal favorite ships to fly, which are not necessarily the ones I fly competitively, would be:

1. Soontir Fel. Always loved interceptors, and Fel's general awesomeness is not to be ignored.

2. Darth Vader. Only ever flew him after the fix, and I just love slapping Prockets on the guy and watching him go to town.

3. Dash Rendar. Love the character and his stories, and he's incredibly unique to fly. The Outrider is my favorite large-base design.

4. Rear Admiral Chiraneau. I really wish I could make the Deci work competitively, because I love this ship and this pilot, but I'm not very good with it/its place in the meta is questionable.

5. Omega Leader. This one fits into so many lists that it's become my most flown ship (as I'm always swapping out the "big hitters"). I put it last because I sometimes feel bad how much Omega Leader shuts enemy ships down -- many games, it's OL's nonsense that wins the day for me. Fortunately, s/he's in a fun ship (and one of my Instagram followers sent me a sweet Lockdown alt art card that makes it even better).


I don't really love any of the Scum ships out right now. I think the Shadowcaster has some potential for me to enjoy it, but I'm more interested in Sabine's TIE and the Upsilon Shuttle (gonna be a BEAST) for upcoming ships...

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  1. Vessary: Vessy Bessy around my table

Omega Leader: I had her painted with the Breast Cancer Ribbon for my mom and always try to fit her in my lists.

Omega Ace: I know his ability is hard to trigger, but I love playing the duo FOs and Vessy

Rexlar Brath: Rage, x7, Mk ii engines, and tons of fun.

Howlrunner: The lady who pulled my Tie Swarm together.

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1. Biggs Darklighter

2. Palob Godalhi

3. Omega Leader


These 3 I auto include in casual games as they force opponents to play around them. There are better options sometimes but these mostly make a casual play go "They do what?" and then lose concentration trying to deal with them.


4. Manaroo


because free stuff is fun.


5. Rexler Brath


currently running him with the TIE shuttle that gives free focus + target lock. Is hilarious. I've never had a dull moment flipping over 2-3 damage and laughing hysterically.

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Based on playing time over the years, it would probably be


Unique (in no particular order)

Kath - Scum




Zeta Leader


Generic (in no particular order)

Mando Merc

Blue Squad


Green Squad

Royal Guard

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