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Looking to start, and would like some help!

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 My friend and I discovered Anima: Tactics today, and as soon as we started looking into it, with the RPG and Anime style and the amazing and unique models, we decided we had to play it.

 We don't have any Local Game Store unfortunately, so we'll have to do most of our buying online, so we plan to go with 250 Points, right off the bat, however, with how diverse the characters are, we're having a hard time making synergistic lists.

 So, I came here, to ask for help in what to choose, we play both Warhammer 40k and Warmachine/Hordes, in them I play Tyranids, Dark Eldar, Cryx and Legion of Everblight, he plays Orks, Space Marines, Khador and Trollbloods.

Our play styles:

+Loves speed
+Loves dark and evil
+Prefers close combat to ranged
+Likes stealth and terrain ignoring effects
-Hates slow
-Gets bored with to many ranged attacks

My Friend-
+Loves to smash things (Whether ranged or close, does not matter)
+Prefers to react over act.
+Likes healing and regenerating
-Is scared of models with cleavage
-Hates utility characters with the sole purpose of utility (takes away from the smashy supposivly)

Now onto the models we like alot lookswise.

Me- 1. Damien, 2. Dark Chesire, 3. Harod, 4.Dereck, 5. Tokanosuke

Him- 1. Tsubasa, Nero, Kronen, Janus, Yuri Olsen

Any suggestions for making cohesive lists without sacrificing looks?

(I'd also like to ask if any models come with scenic bases? Or just plain plastic?)


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 For you, I suggest Azul alliance... Deadly, sneaky assasin type guys.

For your buddy, I suggest Empire alliance... lots of smashing, no cleavage at all.

I really enjoy this website, it's quite helpful: http://www.anima-gaming.be/anima/

On the left side of the page are all of the figures, listed under their organization.  If you click on the character name, it will bring up the character description, photos of the sculpt, the original art piece, the painted figure, AND the character card so you can see what the figure can do. Good luck!


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