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I love Aphrodite's stuff (she's genuinely a SW fan) but I assumed most of it was too raunchy for here.


It's unapologetically pin-up art, and that's fine by me, but I know that's too much for many people here.


And these ones are pretty tame by her standards.  

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She's a great artist, for sure! And I'm a fan of her usual subject matter, so it's a win for me, but I agree that they should really be taken down from here.

A lot of us browse this forum from work on breaks and stuff, and if you live in stuffy America, those sorts of pictures are a big no-no.

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It's actually faster to put it on the opposite side. You can pull out and aim the gun faster that way. Same goes for Swords.

It's slower to draw a gun from the opposite hip. Quite a bit slower. However, if you're sitting down, it's just about the only way to do it. "Crossdraw" is how a person would carry their gun on, say, a stagecoach. Or if you're driving a car in a really dangerous area.

Keep in mind that if you holster a gun crossdraw, it's going to be backwards (the grip pointing toward your front rather than your back).


In any other situation though, you want your gun on the same side as the hand that's drawing it.  There's a reason why quickdraw artists never, ever wear a gun on the other side.  Nor does someone whose life may depend on drawing a gun quickly, like a police officer.



Just wanna add:


In europe (and I also think in most parts of the world) most countries prohibit crossdrawing for police force because during the draw, the direction the gun is pointing at is travelling at the very least 90° until you are aiming at your intented target, potentially putting civilians at risk. And if you draw from the same side your hand is, the gun is only trained at the ground before being aimed at the target. (Also, a lot of police forces have quick-draw holsters the policemen are allowed/encouraged to use, which have a little button for the thumb that "ejects" the gun a into the hand, a little like a toaster.)


Sorry if these sentences are confusing, my "gun-english" is pretty bad :P



And on a final note: if only that were the only problem of EA Battlefront <_< Man, that game sucks after a month.

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I have some experience with guns and i don't see the point in drawing from across your body. As derroehre said, while drawing from the same side the gun is pointed downwards and not risking anyone else which is preferable when needing to actually use your gun.

Also while being sitted in a car or on a chair, unless your back rest is quite big and so is interfering with your elbow, it would be much easier to draw you gun from your side than across the table, with your arm sticking out allowing for your assailant to "lock you" by pushing on your elbow and nullifying your draw.


As with all weapons, especially missile, you want to keep it close to you to maintain control and avoid retaliation (disarm, arm lock, etc) if you are in "engaged" range :P


P.S your gun isn't worth much if it's holstered and the assailant is in the ~10 meter range from you. It takes much longer than you think to draw, cock the gun, aim and fire than for him to close the distance and bash you.

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