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NPCs...PCs...Monsters...n stuff...art

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1 hour ago, 2P51 said:



42 minutes ago, GandofGand said:

Now THIS si the kind of thing we need to see more of in SW...awesome-looking snake-people! 

Very nice indeed. The only real questions are how does he breath, how does he eat, and how does he speak?

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1 hour ago, GandofGand said:

If you think about it, it could be a defense mechanism....kinda like buzzards vomiting...they have camoflauge to look bad-*** and dangerous, but are secretly super-cowardly and project poo out of their ear-mouths when scared! 

That's cannon now

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On 7/8/2017 at 3:22 PM, Ferryman said:

Same here.  I love Lo-Fi tech.

If you switch out the right side grill and LEDs with two 5 1/4" floppy's and you would have the "portable" computer my father had in the mid-80's (all 50lbs of it)

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