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NPCs...PCs...Monsters...n stuff...art

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I can`t remember posting my character drawings in this thread yet....
So here are a few I did in my usual grayscale and pencils style.

Besalisk Archeologist (commission for forums member)5a8bdb29143933.578f6d4587a8a.jpg

Three PC`  s and an NPC commissioned by a forums member

A Commissioned droid npc. An ancient jedi knight  Squire
Droid Squire character commission by Slapsticky

My character Jil G`  jira the Herglic Big Game Hunter


Nar Shaddaa gang enforcer


A game of pazaak (For PDF module)


Special Agent Qatana Tarkin of the ISB
cockeye J`akaar the Devaronian contact on Tatooine
Zingo the Ace Driver

Three Hutt NPC`  s in my game...



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8 hours ago, NGnear said:

Hey, it's Minister Blue and (most of) the crew of the Bluebird!  (From the Evil Campaign Podcast, in the stunningly unlikely event that people on here don't know what I'm talking about...)

Thanks for the heads up, figured it was something like that (an rpg group)

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