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NPCs...PCs...Monsters...n stuff...art

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Definitely a good one...but I need two guns and a big trenchcoat...8) 

Though to be clear, guy or gal not relevant, just has to have style and cool...8D 

No worries though, already on page 20! 

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7 hours ago, 2P51 said:

My fav gambler/scoundrel lookin fella..



Everything above the knees is great, sort of a cool, steampunk/anachronistic vibe, but the gaiters kind of ruin it for me. All of the spats & gaiters that I've worn & seen were much more tight-fitting. His look... odd.

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This topic is incredible. Thanks for all who participate.

1/ Does anybody already thought about having a image bank, searchable with tags and such ? Apart from the technical and huge amount of manual work (could be collaborative !), will there be Copyright problems for the autors and artists ?

2/ I am looking for an old female jedi in exile / hermit, whatever the race. I did find some that could fit, but I mostly found young females.

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