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2 hours ago, R5D8 said:



I'm stuck at work and run a session with some new players tonight, a couple.

I want something to kick start their interest. I've searched this thread and Google, didn't find what I'm looking for but don't have time to really pour over them.

Looking for, in spirit, a human female version of Captain Reynolds complete with longcoat? Doesn't have to be the exact characterization, just More badass than sexy? Everything I've found is missing a Smuggler's Coat or is too overly sexy.

Also looking for a Bounty Hunter with piecemealed/recycled and repainted Stormtrooper armor? Or maybe with just a few pieces? When I searched for that, all I got were DIY Stormtrooper Kits (which, now I'm interested in doing that).


Thank you!! 

(And I'll delete this post tonight to not clutter this awesome thread with silly words instead of pictures)


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