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NPCs...PCs...Monsters...n stuff...art

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These are all amazing. I'm digging them!

I'm on holiday at the moment but I've got some good ones saved at home. The character ones are more persnickety to find. The scifi ship scenery stuff finds itself there's so much, but character art takes some digging at times.

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Oh boy. I think a mad doctor just entered my game.

I actually already had need of one. This guy looks perfect.

I found this guy a while ago whilst looking for Sci fi scientists on Google images... And Darien Vir, crazy biochemist, creator of the deadly virus TXD409, was born! He escaped my players in about session 3 of my current campaign by hitting the self destruct on the secret facility he was using to develop the virus & then hopping into an escape pod :) They're currently trying to track him down on Ord Akaris!

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