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Ken at Sunrise

FFG News - X-Wing™ for Beginners

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Coming to this forum and seeing the daily new threads by mathwingers b****ing about "OMG FFG fix this" or "<insert any ship here> is so broken" is, for me, THE LEAST fun thing about this game... but still I drop in on the off-chance there might be some good discussion, advice, or a fun repaint, etc.

I'd honestly just rather not play a fun game I enjoy against someone who has the time and energy to be vocally cynical about an article welcoming newcomers; and this coming from a professional cynic.


But Palp Aces is very broken and it ruins the game.


You'd have more fun if the mathwingers got their way and we had a better balanced game. More ships would be viable and there would be less need for complaining. There would be less of a dichotomy between 'fun' lists and competitive ones.

But you play Palp Aces.  And in another thread that discusses the TIE/sf (or rather, doesn't) had people casually discarding the ship because they don't think it's good and (I love this) has to place in the meta of the game.  Well, duh.  It has no place in the meta BECAUSE IT JUST CAME OUT.  And since no one will fly it, it will never have a meta.


You say you want balance, but then only play the same proven lists, because you will not risk losing.  Then you complain the game is not fun, not balanced, and poorly designed.

1.) It won't have a place in the meta because it isn't an Acewing. No one flies T-70's without regen and Autothrusters, and an SF is a T-70 without Regen or Autothrusters. Rear arc is a useless 2 attack dice. I've never played with the SF and I know I'll be completely right about this. Maybe you'll see the occasional Rage Baffles Quickdraw for a few weeks, then it will be back to standard Palp Aces for everyone.

2.) Well yeah, I only play the same proven lists because those lists are broken and they're hard to lose with. They're broken and hard to lose with because the game is not balanced and (somewhat) poorly designed. Don't blame me for that, blame the idiot who designed the Palpatine card.


How to fix X-Wing, multiple choice:


A.  I only cheat because I have too.

B.  You can be part of the solution or you can be part of the problem.

C.  You can't hold the high ground if you are in the valley with the rest of them.

D.  All of the above.


1.) While I do agree with your hyperbolic comparison of playing Palp Aces to cheating because your ships are pretty much invincible, it's legal.


2.) When I played quad T-65's with quad R7 Astromechs, other opponents would still play Soontir RAC. Whether or not I play a 'fun' list does not prevent someone else from power listing. All I'm doing is gimping myself by playing sub-par lists. I'm done, I'm actually somewhat decent at this game and I'm tired of having to play against someone who has god mode enabled while I have to play like a ******* mastermind just to lose anyways.


3.) I've never purported to hold the high ground, and every time I've played Palp Aces I've done so verbally acknowledging how broken it is, how little skill it takes, and how much it ruins the game.


And call me a hypocrite all you want. Even if that was true it's just an ad hominem attack, Palp Aces is still broken and ruins the game regardless of who is saying it or whether or not they play Palp Aces themselves. But of course, PGS is automatically wrong because he's complaining, right?


I'm starting to think that the people calling me hypocritcal are Palp Aces players themselves, and it threatens them to have someone playing Palp Aces telling everyone just how easy to use and broken the list is.

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Yeah, kinda kid glovin' it a bit there with that article. 


But ultimately Budgernaut is right.  We need to draw in new players, not drive them away.  I'm glad we were able to talk about Palp Aces again too.


Good job everybody.  Now.  Get your X-Wing kit and go down to the shop and try to drum up a few pugs with some noobs.  Seriously.  We need to be unto the next gen as the Jedi Council is unto the Younglings.  We need to take them under our wings and bring them up in a safe and fun environment...


.. Then kinda just, I dunno... book it outta there when that one guy we were never quite sure about starts laserswording up the place.  Sorry Younglings.  You had to meet the meta someday...

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While that poster is certainly not a stranger to doing so, flying a legal list is not in any possible way cheating.

True, the hyperbole is mine.  OTOH, if you feel a game mechanism is broken but are willing to use it to win, you might be splitting hairs on the ethics of the situation.



What's next? Tell me to start paying taxes I don't have to? That would be crazy … ;-)


Naw, this is America.  No one uses the library, public schools suck, and everyone is their own personal police force.  The last step is "hey, if your house is on fire, that's your problem."



Now america indeed your problem :P,

Here the public library is awesome, public schools acceptable, public transport makes owning a car obsolete and the police force is reasonable responsive to threats. And usually a burning house is the problem for the fire brigade. What do you expect people to do about a burning house? Build a bucket chain? ;-)

All things we pay a lot of tax money for, worth nearly every cent.

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And we've moved past X-Wing and onto patriotic mumbling. 


Okay, cool.


Well I can do that too!


Isaac Brock.  1812.  Nice paint on that there fancy house ya got.  Why did y'all have to paint it again?  Oh right... Because we burned the **** out of it when you tried to manifest your destiny! 


Also... Hockey. 


Hey Younglings!  Come here... I got this lasersword...

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I don't know of any game of custom squads/armies/decks that doesn't require extra effort to make sure new folks don't get steamrolled.


Doing a points system right is not a trivial thing. You need basic math and a lot of play testing. But it can be done.

De Bellis Antiquitatis. Fields of Glory. Poor Bloody Infantry, for example.

FFG just took the mechanics from Wings of Glory, put it on the best established franchise ever and what did they add?

Not a functioning points system, that much is clear. Now we are at wave 10 and all the patching so far has been underwhelming.

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