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Riku lvl 3


Tidus x2
Chip and Dale
The King

Moogle x2
 Don lvl 1

Fairy Godmother
Jack lvl 2

Al lvl 4
Don lvl 4


Bambi lvl 3 x2
Simba lvl 3x3
Tink lvl 0
Genie lvl 1
Genie lvl 4


Soul Eater x3
Ultima Weapon
Magic Lamp


Aquatank x2
Behemoth x2
Parasite Cage x3


Destiny Islands x3


Okay so does anyone else find this deck as funny as I do?! 

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HAHA the epic combo of infite impossibilty and pointlessness....

I like it...

What else does the deck do besides that though? because I'm of the opinion taht once you pull taht out, you should declare game over and walk away

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