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DarthTom's Painting

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Hi folks! Back again, this time with some pictures of Skarn. This was a really fun miniature to paint, but some of the bits and pieces were incredibly confusing in form. I did my best to figure out what each component was intended to represent. As always, more pictures and details at my blog: https://darthtomsgaming.wordpress.com

Please let me know what you think, always appreciate some constructive criticism.



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Nicely done. I hope mine turn out even 1/4 as good when I finally find time to paint mine. Been way too busy between work and school. Just a few more months...

Your Skarn and Mirklace almost look like pictures of concept art instead of actual physical models. Really liking the "cartoon" pop that they have on the highlights like near Mirklace's muscles or Skarn's cloth. I imagine this would really liven up the board.

One bit of sadness that I have, not about your painting, is that I initially thought Gargan Mirklace was just a floating demonic torso, oozing pure evil darkness, so hardcore that he didn't need the rest of his body.  I thought he was the coolest looking lieutenant ever. Then after seeing him painted I realize he has these tiny little toddler legs completely disproportionate to his upper half...so disappointing. Deadpool 2 comes to mind every time I see him now.

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