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Can you parry Pistols when they are attacking while engaged in melee with you?

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Parry only works against melee attacks, and the pistol shot in melee is a ballistic attack. The type of attack is defined by what attribute you test against (or vise versa).

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From the FAQ:


Question: If a pistol weapon is used in melee combat, can the

defender make an Evasion reaction using Parry (page 220)?

Answer: Yes, a pistol can be Parried in melee combat. It’s not

the defender deflecting the shot so much as he is knocking the

weapon away so the shot misses him, though. As an additional

note concerning Parrying attacks, any melee weapon can be

used with the Parry skill, not just swords. As a weapon with the

Balanced quality, swords gain a bonus to making a Parry skill test,

but you could try to Parry with an axe, a staff, or even the butt of

an autogun for example.



~ alemander

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