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Homebrew Apothecary Advanced Specialty

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The GM of my game and I came up with an advanced specialty for apothecaries. We patterned it off of Forge Master. I'd really appreciate some feedback from fellow GMs/PCs to see if we struck a balance - and made something useful/interesting.


Lord of the Apothecarium Advanced Specialty

Requirements: Rank 4, Apothecary, Forbidden Lore: Adeptus Astartes, Prime Helix Honor
Cost: 3,000xp

Diagnoster Helm, half requisition cost for all drugs and toxins, and a power sword

Special Ability: Protector of the Gene-Seed
At the beginning of each mission, the Lord of the Apothecary selects a number of Battle Brothers equal to one-half his unmodified intelligence bonus (rounding down) from his Kill Team and applies one of the following benefits for the duration of the next mission. The chosen benefit may be different for each selected Battle Brother:

  • Reduce the Primarch’s Curse by one level (minimum 0), or
  • Suppress one Battle Trauma

Please forgive the poor formatting below...it didn't like the word table. Advance, cost, pre-req.


Medicae +10, 200, Medicae

Medicae +20, 200, Medicae +10

Talented [scholastic Lore: Chemistry], 500, Scholastic Lore: Chemistry +20

Talented [Chem Use], 500, Chem Use +20

Field Surgeon*, 500,Medicae +20

Gifted Healer (x3)*, 1,000, Medicae +20

Healer of the Mind*, 100, Medicae +20

Maester (x2)*, 1,000,Intelligence 50+, Willpower 40+, Fellowship 40+

Precise Blow, 500. Sure Strike

Preventative Care*, 500, Field Surgeon

Swift Attack, 500, Weapon Skill 35+

Talented [Medicae], 500, Medicae +20

* New Talent


New Talent: Gifted Healer (X)

May be purchased three times. Each purchase adds +1 wound healed when restoring critical damage.


New Talent: Field Surgeon

Half the time for extended care.


New Talent: Maester (X):

Maybe be purchased twice. Each purchase allows the Battle Brother to select an additional Apothecary Special Ability on page 69 of the Deathwatch Rulebook that he does not already possess.


New Talent: Healer of the Mind

The Lord of the Apothecary and chosen selected Battle Brother spend a total of 800xp to cure one Battle Trauma from the selected Battle Brother. The selected Battle Brother may be the Lord of the Apothecary himself. The selected Battle Brother then devotes a number of days equal to 2d10-Willpower Bonus recovering from intensive psychological conditioning. This treatment can only be performed at an Astartes-grade Apothecarium under the watchful eye of a Chaplin.


New Talent: Preventative Care

If the Lord of the Apothecary has examined the Battle Brother prior to deployment, then he may restore 1d5 points of lost characteristic damage. This may only occur once per source of characteristic damage. Any remaining characteristic damage is permanent.

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I like it, especially the new talents you came up with.  They fit the exiting role of the Apothecary while expanding upon them to give the role interesting and potent new abilities.  

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Looks nice and I think that something like this is needed. Potentially one could also write an advanced speciality which is focused on toxins, poisons etc. in dealing these out to the enemies of mankind.

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