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GenCon final table

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Norm Weir

Isd: gunner team, wulff yularen boosted coms ecm relentless

gladiator: apt ordance experts engine techs monferrat ozziel demo

boba fet dengar firespray mauler rhymer vader soonter fel

dong lee

isd: motii ecm boosted coms needatrc avenger

gladiator: monferrat apt engine techs ordance experts demo

mauler dengar rhymer 2xtie advanced 2xtie bomber 2xfirespray

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Lee (because dong sounds wrong) with mauler and dengar 2 and one from demo

norm with boba firespray 2 out from isd

lee both advanced below dengar mauler

norm vader below firespray bomber far right from isd

lee bombers below advanced

norm dengar and mauler below rhymer

lee firesprays one above mauler one below bombers

norm demo at top cormer left of isd at 1

lee isd isd far left at max boosted coms from squads speed 3

norm soonter bottom of right squads

lee rhymer top of squad formation

lee replacesredirect for evade

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norm squadron command rhymer to med on demo hit crit evade hit 1 to side

firespray hit crit redirect front of demo

boba hit hit brace. demo 0 shield right side

isd uses/regains nav token speed 2 right right

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squadron summary

lee vader aggressive move to engage norm squads

norm protecting dengar by moving back

lee mauler damages firespray rhymer

overall lee moves squads aggressively forward

norm maintains skirmish line

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norm isd squadron command

dengar moves middle of furball shooting advanced counter missed

mauler next to dengar damages rhymer advanced bomber advanced down to 2 mauler shoots and kills the low health advanced

rhymer shoots mauler for 1 counter for 1

firespray kills mauler

anti squadron isd from side bomber for 1 bomber for 2 advanced for 2

front rhymer for 1

spend rgain nav drop to 1 forward 1 lands frienly rhymer. rhymer placed back right of isd

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