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Selling and Trading Question

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Ok guys so recently I gave this book a once over and I am planning to attempt GMing a game for my friends.

I've already done a bunch of mock combat scenarios to try and anticipate the tables I will need so that I can make things run smoothly there.

Right now what I am struggling with is Selling and Trading...

I've gone over that section on Pages 150-151 and every time I do I am just completely lost.

Here is where I am stuck...

" However, when determining the sell price based on the success of the Negotiation check( 1x Success = 25% of the items value, 2x = 50%, 3x =75% , etc.),first multiply the cost of the item based on the difference in the item's rarity between where the item was bought and where it's sold, referring to Table 5-2 and Table 5-3: Increased Costs When Trading." - Page 151 Edge of the Empire Core Rule book

Let's say the player had a...

Light Repeating Blaster ® 2,250 Rarity of 7 ( Page 160 )

First Multiply the cost of the item...

2,250 x

By the difference in the item's rarity

???? So how do I do that using the 5-2 Table?

Say from a Outer Rim World where it was bought and trying to sell it on a Core World like Corellia?

Outer Rim = +2 ( Plus 2 to what? It's rarity? so just because they have a rare item and took it to a core world it's not as rare? )
Corellia = -2

So a item with a rarity of 7 bought on an outer rim world makes that rarity a 9? ( Am I interpreting this correctly? )
and when trying to sell it on Corellia it's a 7? or 5? ( Head hurts )

So is the difference a 4?

I just don't get how they want me to use all this info.

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First of all, table 5-3 is not about retailing one meagre blaster but wholesaling a shipload of them. Further, the whole paragraph is more a rough guideline for the part-time smuggler.


But, if you're interested in hauling cargo around the galaxy, https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/216905-trade-route-economics/?hl=speculative+trading might be worth delving into, or this https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/145446-trade-and-smuggling/?hl=speculative+trading#entry1537874.

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Ok ok ok... I think I get this now...

Light Repeating Blaster ® 2,250 Rarity of 7 ( Page 160 )

Outer Rim = +2
Corellia = -2

7 = +0
Outer Rim = 7 + 2 = 9
Corellia = 7 - 2 = 5

The item was bought on Corellia where it's easier to find and sold somewhere in the outer rim...

First Multiply the cost of the item...

2,250 x

By the difference in the item's rarity..



The difference in rarity is a 4..

2,250 x 4 = 9,000 x 4 ( because of table 5-3's increased costs when trading, the item in question has a rarity of 7 so it falls into the rarity 4+ slot of the table ) = 36,000 Credits.

Then determine the final sell price based on the success rate of the Negotiation/Streetwise check.

ex. Player scored one success in this instance so the item is sold for 25% of 36,000 credits equaling out to 9,000.

I think I got this now. It just took a lot of re-reading without seeing an example right there in the book to demonstrate this method to the inexperienced GM.

This is also just for a single item.

There are no rules for multiple items, or discounts for buying in bulk, it's up to the group or GM to calculate this and come to an group consensus on how those situations play out.

Loving this book, can't wait to play our first game of Edge of the Empire.

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Generally speaking, when a PC is trying to sell items, they would do so from a starting point of 25% of the retail value of the item. Shopkeepers don’t tend to like to buy small quantities, and they usually have plenty of sources for whatever the PCs might be selling, and those sources would have bigger quantities and bulk discounts. So, if the PC wants to sell at all, they have to take what they can get.

Now, that baseline varies according to how many Successes they have on their roll, but normally they can’t get beyond 75% of retail — the vendor has to have some kind of markup, otherwise they wouldn’t be buying at all.

With certain talents and skills, the PCs might be able to get that number higher than 75%, but doing so takes hard work and good rolls.

If the item in question is clearly stolen, or taken from Imperial sources who might track it back to the vendor in question, then it’s possible that the PCs won’t be able to find any buyers at any price — At least, not at that location. This is a matter of GM perogative, especially where doing so might otherwise jeopardize the story.

Instead, they might have to go to a different part of the city, a different city, a different planet in the sector, a different sector, or maybe even a different region of the galaxy.

I think some of these issues have been addressed in the thread entitled "FFG Developer Answered Questions” at https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/108101-ffg-developer-answered-questions/

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Didn't really answer my question. Anyone else want to give it a shot?


 But, in fact I did:



First of all, table 5-3 is not about retailing one meagre blaster but wholesaling a shipload of them.


To elaborate: If you're trying to sell one single item or a small amount, paragraph one pf the section "Selling and Trading" applies (i.e. no tbale 5-3).


Whe trading, "buying multiple items [...] then selling [...]", that's when the second paragraph and the table come into play.


E.g., Your buying a container of 20 LRBs on Corellia for cr 45,000 to sell them on Tatooine.


The difference in rarity is 4, therefore the cost increase is x4 (cr 180,000).


The actual sales price is determined by negotiation:


1 success: cr 180,000 x25% = cr 45,000;

2 successes: cr 180,000 x50% = cr 90,000;

3 successes or more: 180,000 x75% = cr 135,000.


In your example (disregarding the wholesale/retail dichotomy) you're quadrupling twice for some reason, which you're not supposed to.

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