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FFG announcement article: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/xcom-the-board-game/products/evolution/


Things that can be gleaned from the article:


 - Exalt are represented by tokens that can be added to and removed from the board, and make tasks Dangerous while they're on the board.
 - There are at least 3 plastic figures.
 - There's a 6-sided Threat die.
 - There are at least 2 new Missions with Meld - and one of them has an additional text condition associated with its first task.
 - There are new alien cards - though they might just be replacements for existing aliens.
 - There's an entirely new small card type.
 - There are "destruction cards" associated with the Annihilation invasion plan.
 - There are new Tech cards - including one that adds yet more competition for the Central Officer's Satellites, and one that can deal with EXALT tokens.
 - There's a Meld Token that shows which Missions are eligible for an extra reward for speedy progress (the example has the Meld reward for the second Task).
 - The Chief Scientist has a Cybernetics Lab that has something to do with MEC Troopers.

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Well the page shows the content, the cards, miniatures and even the box ready.

It would be nice if FFG pushed out a short YouTube video to show us what it's about.


.... we don't even know when the expansion will be released... and if the app is ready to handle it (I suppose a patch will be needed to activate-deactivate the expansion).

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