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Judgement Dave

Petition Asking FFG to Provide a UGC Scenario Editor for Mansions of Madness e2

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Chuckle I would love all of you to have the scenario editor so that new fan made DLC content can fill the gaps in the mysterious release dates. Im also pretty sure with a sea of fans making cool adventures that there would be a great mix of great and awful to enjoy with friends and family alike.

As for making my own its not likely to happen. 


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I really like this Idea.

A Scenario Editor would be nice. But as u mentioned in your first post, i would also like to see some changes for the existing Scenarios.
Perhaps the Players could choose their own difficulty, which should be possible to make.
If u like the story and don't want to lose or if u dont have enough Players (look at the statistics for escape from Innsmouth for example).
It should be possible to change the difficulty by simply clicking at the Stars from four to two or something like this. Maybe less Spawn or more start Equip.Or by adding a Specific Button where u can adjust some stats of the scenario.

Please FFG improve your app.


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Yes, please!

UGC would be a great way to extend this game. This game f*#king rocks - except for the limited number of scenarios.

10 weekends, 10 scenarios - and players have mostly burned through it. 


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