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Servant of Dante

Adepta Sororitas Sister Militant Advances Resource (IH and BoM)

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I shared this with someone in a PM, and they pointed out that I should probably let everyone else see it too. It was originaly created to help me compare IH and BoM Sisters Militant.


This link is to an Excel file which contains every Advance for ranks 1-8 for both the Militant path of the Inquisitor's Handbook Adepta Sororitas career, and the Battle Sister career in Blood of Martyrs.


The nice thing is that you can sort the data by rank (although it messes with the headings), or by whatever else you desire. That's especially useful for creating fresh Ascended characters using the bottom up method.


Prerequisites are also included. I have highlighted a couple BoM Advances that appear to be completely superfluous, but I left them in. Also, the Rank 5 IH chart includes Sound Constitution 2 times at 2 different prices, which I assume means you can take it twice, you just pay more the 2nd time (or the 1st, if you want to for some reason).




This is a view only link, so feel free to download and edit it. Go under the File menu -> Download As.


Hope this very narrow use resource is helpful to someone!

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