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Mandragora Apocrypha

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This is just going to be a little dump thread of new updates as I launch another campaign following the exploits of my last, in the Dread Mandragora Sector. Greatly perished by this point in history. 


Campaign Introduction Narration


It is the year 442.M39. The Mandragora Sector has fallen to the darkness and depredations in the five decades following the fall of the sector fleet. In light of the crippled state of the sector, the Inquisition of the Ordos Mandragora have fallen back to Phaenon Prime, to reconstitute their center of power and military assets as they prepare for their own, clandestine crusade to reclaim the sector.

Inquisitor Gerin is one such man. He has traveled far and wide across the remains of the perished Mandragora region, searching for the answer to the sector's Salvation. After decades of research, contending with the threat of heresy blossoming across the sector, he has discovered the location of the Pillar of Penitence; Once a might flagship to the Mandragora Black Fleet, the Pillar holds within it many secret weapons of the Inquisition and dread chaos artifacts that could be used to turn the tide against the Xenos, the Heretic, and the Malleus. Long lost to the warp rifts of the Discordian Wells, a passage in the warp has opened for the first time in decades. 

In his haste to procure passage to the Void-Yard of Mandragora, he has absconded with six of his acolytes to investigate the remains of the hulked warship. It has taken him many tireless months, racing against time to arrive at the Void Yards before the calming swell closes. Thus, the acolytes find themselves absconded from across the Mandragora Sector aboard the Spirit of Saint Elnar, a modest and humble Fueler Transport, to unveil the secrets held beyond the shattered hull of the Pillar. 





New Mandragora Sector, 430.M39 




The Void-Yard of Mandragora



The Void-Yards of Mandragora exist in the Sea of Cindars (former sub sector region)


The Sea of Cinders

The Sea of Cinders was always a perilous region of space long before the warp rifts opened in Mandragora. Hundreds of celestial stars, bursting with solar flares across the region made the region nigh inhospitable to human life. Gaseous bodies that drift in the region constantly setting aflame have caused many wayward ships to have been destroyed or crippled in the past.

As soon as the Spirit of Saint Elnar emerges from the warp, the void shields of the ship react immediately, protecting the crew from the constant bombardment of the deadly solar flares and radiation that seep throughout the region. 

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Upon discovery, this daemon weapon possessed one of the players in my current campaign, causing him to attack his fellow acolytes. It was found in a hexagrammatically and warded chamber, along with other proscribed items the characters soon grew fearful of abandoned upon dealing with this dread blade. 



Slake's Soul Shriver

This weapon is a one handed sword, it's material composition indeterminable. It's metallic edges are razor sharp, but touched upon the flats of the blade feels warm to the touch. 

Click on link for full details


This page will filled with the other artifacts on the ruined hulk of the Pillar of Penitence following the adventure conclusion. As of our first session, the pcs ended up getting hurt really badly from this blade, as well as a genestealer. XD



Mandragoran Sector Fleet Void Suit
This void suit was utilized by the primary sector fleet four decades ago as standard. Unlike your own void suit, it was reinforced with armor plates to afford some level of protection. Combat boarding actions were expected during the height of the conflicts year ago, and as a result these void suits reflect that. This void suit offers 2 points of Armor to all locations, except for the head.

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The Pillar of Penitence, a former glory of the Ordos Mandragora long believed to be lost by the depredations of the warp during the final days of 390.M39, has reportedly been sighted. While it has taken some time (roughly over three months) for Inquisitor Gerin to collect his acolytes and broker transport aboard the Spirit of Saint Elnar, a John Bachmeyer class Transport Vessel, the Inquisitor is hopeful to arrive before less savory opportunist plunder the Black Ship's remains.

As a Black Ship, even in it's death the vessel contains secrets best left forgotten or buried within it's Black Hold. If the Inquisition cannot reclaim it's trove of forbidden curios and knowledge, then it must be set afire and destroyed for certain less foul xenos, or the arch enemy lay their hands upon it. 

While Inquisitor Gerin would be pleased to recover information on the late Inquisitor Lord Pious Mengala, former Lord Mandragora, he would see the entirety of the hulk destroyed if his acolytes were to prove insufficient in recovering the artifacts within. Yet, as the sector is stretched thin as it is, he will have to be forced to trust in their ability to succeed - a fueler lacking the necessity of firepower required to so much as dent such a vessel.




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Updated - 8/16/16

Been working on finally codifying the sector settings I've been running my games in. After a few flip flops in ordering, I'm going to release the first nearly completed supplement for review. Please provide any constructive criticism or feedback if you take the time to read the document. Volume II more or less in a complete state now. 


Volume 1: Historica Mandragora

Volume II: The Black Run

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