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Any feasible Rebel squads with 4+ ships?

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I've been trying to do a "Bloody Daggers" type list with T-70's




(2) T-70 Novices w/ Integrated : Targeting Astromechs (26 x 2)


(2) B-Wing Blue Squadrons w/ Fire Control System (24 x 2)




It probably misses Biggs though...


Still fun to 2K-Turn the B's and Talon roll the T's :) 

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Took this list to last years worlds and finished 18th  (24 points away from the cut Gahhhhhh!)

2 gold squadron Y wings with BTL-A4 title, Ion Turrets and R2 Astromechs

Gold Squadron Y wing with BTL-A4 title, Twin Laser Turret, and R3-A2

Gold Squadron Y wing with Twin Laser turret and bomb loadout with a seismic charge


It was an Aces, Brobots and large ship turret killer.


Try this list.  

Biggs R4-D6 integrated Astro

Gold Squadron Y twin laser Turret and R2 Astromech

Green Squadron A wing with Chardaan, autothrusters, PTL, Awing test pilot, and outmanuever.  (push really move for flanking shots.  better percentages of damage than an extra die is.  and helps to herd aces)

Blue squadron novice T-70 with R2 Astro and integrated astro.

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5x Tala Squadron Pilots

Ezra Bridger (Attack Shuttle); Twin Laser Turret, Push the Limit, Kanan Jarrus, Stealth Device

Everythings PS4, Ezra does his thing stripping tokens with TLT while generally being annoying and difficult to pin down while the opponent worries about five Z-95s flying right toward him.

Won't always go to play but hey, six ships on the board.

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How about a twist on the 5 a-wing list, by replacing 2 of them with y-wings:


3 x Green Squadron Pilot, Adaptability, Chardaan Refit, Crack Shot, Autothrusters, A-Wing Test Pilot

2 x Gold Squadron Pilot, Autoblaster Turret



Herd aces with the y-wings, while a-wings do work.

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