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Does this theme limit expansion?

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As a big Game of Thrones fan I'm actually quite excited about this (though I wish they used artwork rather than show stills--would look way more classy). 


But I am worried that the limited number of Houses (that most people care about) might limit this games expansion long before the devs are out of interesting ideas and mechanisms. After all, howerver cool a House Redwyne or House Royce faction could be...I don't think the average consumer would care about them. Now, they could solve this by doing sub-factions of the main Houses but then we could have two or three versions of the same characters running around...


Then again, this looks like it may be geared more towards the casual market ala GoT: The Card Game (the TV-art edition) that was a stripped down, mass-market focused product more for the Target, Barns and Noble set. 

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I could see several expansions coming out with houses people care about-


Just some ideas (and I've tried to leave out smaller bannermen houses- for instance, I haven't put "Umber" in because some of those characters would probably just fall under the Boltons).


Sea and Sand






Kings in the North






Kingdoms of Sunset






Renegades and Religions

The Brotherhood without Banners

The Night's Watch

The Faith Millitant

The Faceless Men

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Well all the lesser houses could have an effect, then there is all the other factions that dare skirmish with the great houses. Also the Lords of the Vale the great house of Arryn still hasn't been in yet.

Still I would like to see some lesser house strategy in the Game of Thrones Board game. Sort of like Axis and Allies Europe and Pacific games. You could have the North which has the Wildlings as a faction and the Nights Watch has to face off against the White walkers. The Riverlands could be another map, then you could go off across the narrow sea to Mareen. Even better you could design the maps be combined o the point where you could put them together for an epic game of thrones struggle.

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