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X-Wing Preview Article Forum Reaction Bingo!

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If you're anything like me (and I hope for your sake you're not) then you might have noticed certain... recurring themes that crop up on the forum in the wake of FFG preview articles for new X-Wing expansions. So I thought - given that we've got the Shadow Caster preview coming on Monday and then the mysteries of Heroes Of The Resistance and whatever GenCon brings following soon after that - there must be some way of taking this nagging feeling of deja vu and turning it into cold hard likes.


IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER - This is intended as a light-hearted nod toward popular forum tropes. No personal criticism is intended of anyone who has expressed, is currently expressing or will express any of these opinions. You're not a bad person for wanting FFG to release the Gunboat. Please drink responsibly. Your investment in 3 K-Wings can go down as well as up. If your game of X-Wing lasts longer than 12 hours, please consult your doctor.


And thus without even the merest hint of the faintest suggestion of anything so much as approaching further ado I give to you - X-WING PREVIEW ARTICLE FORUM REACTION BINGO!


...or, as I just realised I should have called it, "X-WINGO!"



Comments? Suggestions? Have you got a favourite that I missed? TALK TO ME GOOSE!


AND get your copy of the wonderful no slip game mat to place your cards on... only $19.99!




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One thing that you seemed to miss is the scramble to make combos with new upgrades and pilots based on interactions that don't work the way that the poster thinks that they do.


I don't have any idea how to make that fit into a bingo square.

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