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12/19 Kryptonite Kollectibles Store Championship & SFIV Tourney!

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2009 Kryptonite Kollectibles Store Championships

Kryptonite Kollectibles?1441 Plainfield Ave
Janesville, WI, 53545?608-758-2100

Start Time: ~2:00 (based on ending of Street Fighter IV tournament)

Format: Standard (5-point Shuriken cards only)?Entry Fee: 10$

Rounds: Swiss rounds to be determined by attendance

Prizes: Everyone gets a pack for participating, and top 3 players will receive extra packs or store credit (their choice) based on the number of players.??The winner will have a plaque placed in the store prominently featuring their name as the 2009 UFS Store Champion of Kryptonite Kollectibles as well as winning additional prizes!?This event will begin immediately following our Street Fight IV tournament! ?When: December 19, 2009 11:00am (registration opens at 10am) Pre-registration is available in-store

Where: Kryptonite Kollectibles 

Entry Fee: $10?Console: Xbox 360?Format: Double Elimination (losers in main bracket will be dropped into a secondary bracket where they will play for the chance to battle in the finals of the event. )?Rounds: 2 out of 3. Finals will be best 3 out of 5?Matches: 2 out of 3 (winner cannot change character, however loser may)?Round Time: 99 ?Handicap: Default?Health: Default?Restricted Characters: None?Controllers: Standard Xbox 360 Wired and wireless controllers will be available for use, or you may bring your own. Joysticks are allowed. All controllers brought must be wired.

?Prize Payout: 100% store credit based on number of players entered.?1st place: 60%?2nd place: 30%?3rd place: 10%??Rules: ?No pausing (pause will result in an instant loss of round)?Unsportsmanlike Conduct or cheating in any form will not be tolerated and will result in removal from the event with no refund.?Observe all venue rules. Kryptonite Kollectibles is a family environment and you will be expected to keep your language and actions appropriate.?No turbo or automated functions permitted. ?Intentional Draws will not be permitted.

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