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Professor Tanhauser

Missile launcher vs. grenade launcher.

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Does anyone but me find it a little odd that even in the errata basically any FNG who just fell off the turnip barge and landed in fortress Erioch can just requisition himself a missile launcher and a load out of powerful missiles but you have to be at least respected to get yourself a far weaker and less effective underbarrell grenade launcher for your bolter?

It just seems to me that the renown requirements for the underbarrel GL and the more powerful Missile launcher are transposed.

of course being 40k..... I suppose getting what amounts to a to a heavy weapon is easier and requires less respect that modifying the holy bolter in any way.

Desthwatch quartermaster. What do you seek, brother?

FNG 1. I want a potent long range missile launcher and some powerful anti tank and anti personnel missiles.

DWQM. Here, with the emperor's blessings.

DWQM. What do you seek brother?

FNG 2. I'd like a small limited range underbarrel grenade launcher to and to my bolter.

DWQM. oh you would, would you? Here you are just off the barge and you think you're qualified to modify the Holy Bolter design? You think you know better better than the emperor who designed the Holy Bolter, do you? Well, junior, come back with a little renown in a few months and maybe we'll talk about it then!

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