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Not sure of the scale of Magic the Gathering Arena of Planeswalkers miniatures but the base set which is around $20 USC contains transparent blue human form miniatures that are suppose to be Jacye's Mirror Images. Here's the link to the miniature that come with the base core set, if I could figure out how to actually add a picture into this reply I'd have done so...


It's the blue units by the way.

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Here's a fun idea- the images are holograms of the hero, right? So take extra hero minis and paint them accordingly (a purple/blue/white color).

So, you're saying we should buy 4 extra copies of every mage hero? (And soon every Warrior as well then, when hybrid classes are released) :D

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I know this is not the best, but something like this perhaps?





Would be nice to see a non-ghost model in light blue though :/


Edit: these blue ones look nicer:





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