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A Collection of Commissioned Pieces

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Those interceptor winglets in both those pics look scratchbuild, but the easier way is to buy some from Mel's miniatures shapeways store and just glue them on and paint them, pretty straight forward, your other option is mucking about with plasticard/sheet styrene but that requires a bit more time and effort



Pointed me in the exact Direction i needed






Never really looked closely before, but now I'm suspicious that Mel Miniatures is actually an arm of Miniature Market...








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Vykes painted up some more ships for me, this time for the Scum & Villainy faction:


G1A Starfighters

Gand Findsman

I wanted this one to reflect the card-art somewhat: http://i.imgur.com/IvzYU1X.png but we went with a gloss black canopy in lieu of the very difficult to replicate clear canopy. I like the darker hues and the simplicity of the design though. 



Ruthless Freelancer

You can't tell much by the card-art for this ship since it's shot from below - decided on a simple white hue but with added greebles to represent the ever-present tractor beam this ship is often toting, just beneath the cockpit. 




It's a bit difficult to make out in the card-art but this ship does have some yellow piping visible, which seemed like a fun and distinctive way to set it apart. I also asked for it to be beat to hell looking, like a backwater bounty hunter's ship might be. 




Decided to depart from the pedestrian card-art here to roll up another one for my little red & white fleet that is slowly being built out.




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Aggressor Assault Fighters



Almost all the IG's have card-art depicting them as the same greyish hull with blue stripes that the model represents. I thought it would be more fun to set them off against each other color wise. Decided on the black and red look for this one to represent the somewhat brooding card-art. 




I wanted one in the more traditional blue and white scheme, which Vykes added his own touch to with the fade to brilliant white - quite nicely done!




The card-art for this is decidedly blue - we thought it might be fun to try out a toxic green look which is sort of reminiscent of an Aggressor Vykes painted in Armada.




And for the least used of the Aggressors I picked another red & white scheme to match up with a theme I'm slowly building. 


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Y-Wings & Z-95s

Hired Gun

Wanted Vykes to try his hand at replicating the camo pattern from the card-art which I think he did an admirable job of. A magnetized turret tops it off quite nicely. 



Syndicate Thug

This one was just supposed to be a simple rehash of the default paint job - with some weathering and an added turret for character. He also modded up the astromech to look a bit more like the 'salvaged' profile. Subtle!



Blacksun Soldier

There are two of these, nearly identical except for the stunning jeweling of their cockpits which we thought would be a neat way to set them apart without giving them the regimented formality of unit designators like a proper military outfit would sport. 



Blacksun Soldier II



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Jumpmaster 5000s



Decided to go with that red & white paint job again here, with the diagonal broken stripe being Vykes very clever idea. Magnetized turret as well. 



Tel Travura

I lifted the idea for this color scheme from another talented painter on this forum - I loved the idea of painting the "U-Boat" the dull Navy gray of the Kreigsmarine - the english style numbering for a bit of character.




I wanted Dengar's ship to be the one that actually represented the card-art which is really quite fine for the JM5Ks. Heavy weathering to represent its service in the hands of a capable bounty hunter.


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YV-666 Freighters


Moralo Eval

Another red & white addition! It's a bit hard to tell with the lighting but the detail and panel work here is really top notch. 





Trandoshan Slaver

I don't usually bother commissioning a paintjob to represent a generic but I ended up with 4x YV-666s and decided to go for it anyway. Latts Razzi's ship is out getting lights put in it by Testa so this will be the last for now. A bit of subtle graffiti links this ship to the space-underworld (overworld??)






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M3A-Scyk, Starviper & Khiraxz Fighter


Cartel Spacer

Supposed to be a faithful copy of the muted tones in the card-art seen here: http://i.imgur.com/UanRH5i.png



Blacksun Enforcer

Similarly, the default model already represents the card-art for this ship more or less perfectly: http://i.imgur.com/rkhygwz.png - I simply asked Vykes to weather it up a bit and add some engine glow so it wouldn't stand out. 



Cartel Marauder

I was never a big fan of the green and purple scheme that comes as a default on this ship so I thought it would make a good addition to the ol' red & white that's been building up thru this post. 


(aka Cartel Marauder)

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53 minutes ago, patox said:

We need a fleet shot of everything!!!!

Eventually! My fleet is hardly ever all in one place though. Right now I have another 16 ship group off at Vyke's again and 4 ships are off with Testa. I'm working on it but FFG is managing to constantly keep ahead of me!

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On 7/26/2016 at 1:18 AM, ZenMastaT said:

Ello Asty by an Italian painter who goes by Il Nano Nefasto. Really top notch work. 



Hi Zen. This is an incredibly impressive project.

I'm hoping to do something like what you're doing but only with the T-70 pilots. Do you have a source for the color schemes for Ello, Snap, Jess, and Nien Nunb?

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