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The Lord of the Rings Quest Companion

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I realized I did not have any thread here to announce updates and changes made to the Quest Companion.


For those who don't know what the Quest Companion is, follow this link:



It's got :

-- a reminder of the Encounter Sets you'll need

-- all the quests and related Keywords, Rulings and Strategy Tips found on the Adventures Pcks Inserts and Expansion Rule Booklists.

-- the Encounter Cards erratas and Q&A related to each quest

-- Official FFG difficulty rating and possibility for players to give their own perception of the difficulty.

-- A quick card reference referencing (only) player cards erratas, Q&A and rulings, all official by FFG. You'll find a great ressource for card search at hallofbeorn.com

-- A Setting the game and Round sequence summary reference to help beginners (and not beginners) to cope with the learning curve.

-- You can also record your Campaign progression in the online Campaign Log:








You can sort quests by:

-- Cycle
-- Alphabetically
-- Official difficulty
-- User difficulty rating


Erratas and Q&A for Quests and Encounter Cars





Home page goodies


The home page displays the hardest and easiest quests according to players. So that's a good entry point for one who'd like to buy adventure packs with easy quest for example.

The home page also features a quest at random. I'm often a bit overwhelmed by the amount of quests available, so having a random choice is nice. And if you really don't like it, just refresh the page and a new quest will be proposed.

Player cards erratas, Q&A and official rulings



When doing a card search on the "card reference" on the right of the screen, you now have access to Erratas, Q&A and other official information provided by FFG in the FAQ.

Round Sequence Summary



I'm also providing a Round Sequence Summary which contains most information new players will need to cope with the learning curve of the game, before moving to advanced notions.

There is a also a Setting the game section, which I find is the most important add-on here, considering I often get lost on what to do when preparing the game, especially when playing Nightmare mode and Campaign mode which adds several Setup actions to perform in the right order.

As in with the rule book, you can select what information should appear on the summary, depending on the difficulty mode and if you're playing Saga / Campaign.

For instance, the "Setting the Game Section" when you're playing The Black Riders in Campaign mode as well as Easy mode:


Eventually, by clicking on the "Show/Hide Action Windows", you can display well... the action windows, if you ever need to be remembered of them.

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So the site has recently undergone a large update:


The remainder of the Angmar Awakened Cycle:

- The Dread Realm

The Grey Havens Deluxe expansion:

- Voyage across Belegaer
- The Fate of Numenor
- Raid on the Grey Havens

Andthe first three quests of The Dream-Chaser Cycle:
- Flight of the Stormcaller
- The Things in the Depths

- Temple of the Deceived

For Temple of the Deceived rules I took the liberty to add the following chart:



This chart was published in the announcement news so it's all very official. I was suprised not to see it in the rule inlet so I added it to the quest companion, for more clarity.

Happy questing!

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Hey Banania

Will you be updating the Campaign Log with the new quests from Flame of the West in the upcoming future?

I am slowly getting up to them in my new Saga Campaign and am really enjoying using your campaign log to record my progress.

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Planning to focus on Arkham Horror LCG in the next few weeks and with the upcoming City of Corsairs and Sands of Harad, I'm doing what i should have done a looooong time agoThe Quest Companion Needs YOU

I'd really appreciate if another dedicated fan like me would step forward and volunteer to help me maintain and update the quest companion:

-- Including the newest encounter sets, keywords, scenario rules etc.

-- Updating the rulebook section if needed, as well as erratas (that will surely come out early 2017)

-- Proof reading what already exists as you do the above (I'm amazed at how much typos I still find in there)

You need to be reactive (more than I have been in the past few months) but if you get your hands on newest release as soon as they're published it should not be a problem.

If you know a tiny tiny bit of html, you're the man. If you don't, it's really not a problem at all, as there is an hidden admin section, quite user friendly.

If you are also (or only) interested in contributing on the Arkham Companion, I'm still interested.

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Hi.. Just curious, will we ever see a return of the quest companions (Campaign Log) section? 

By the way, I think this is an amazing resource, you have done outstanding work.  If I could make a suggestion here.. Setup a Donate page for the community so that we can help support any costs you might be accruing.  I think I speak for everyone in the community that you have done more for the community than you realize here and we are all grateful.  I think we would like to have a way to show our appreciation.

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