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Trying to compile a list of usable locations in the Askellon Sector (an atlas of sorts, if you will).

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So, in preparation of running my first game of Dark Heresy soontm , I'm trying to get a better understanding of the currently known worlds and locations that are situated in the Askellon Sector. For this reason, I've begun compiling a list. I want to present this list to my players during Session 0, so we know what locations are available during character creation.

I was wondering if some of you kind folk could run through the list and see if there's anything I could add, correct, or otherwise adjust.


This is what I got so far:

(As a note, CRB means Core Rulebook, EWI/EWO/EBY are Enemies Within/Without/Beyond, FG is Forgotten Gods and SoH is Seeds of Heresy.)



Asphodel Depths Sub-Sector

  • Core Theta (Forge World)

  • Havarth (Hive World)

  • Juno (Hive World – Sector Capitol) [CRB-324]

  • Laran 9K (Munitorum World) [CRB-342]

  • Orinoca (Hive World – Swamp World)

  • Snope's World (Hive World – Civilised World) [CRB-37 / EWI-115]


Cyclopia Sub-Sector

  • Cerix Magnus (Forge World) [CRB-341]

  • Desoleum (Hive World) [CRB-328 / FG-7]

  • Kul (Quarantine World – Former Frontier World) [CRB-346 / EBY-78]

  • Port Aquila (Void Station) [CRB-342 / EWI-97]

  • Selvanus Binary (Forge World) [EWI-108]

  • Thaur (Shrine World – Cemetery World) [CRB-344 / FG-109]

  • The Emperor's Song (Astronomicon Relay Station) [EBY-95]


Rubicon Sub-Sector

  • Ferrom (Factory World)

  • Gnshal Oblitia (Designation Unknown)
  • Gregorn (Feral World) [CRB-33 / EWO-85]

  • Kalto (Agri World) [EWI-85]

  • Rhodin IV (Forge World) [CRB-35]

  • Terminus Prime (Port World)

  • Vaxi (Designation Unknown)

  • Vouxis Prime (Civilised World) [EWO-91]


Stygies Cluster Sub-Sector

  • Cel (Agri World) [CRB-340]

  • Hrax (Feudal World) [EWI-80]

  • Myros Kappa (War World)

  • Nurn Delta (Designation Unknown) [CRB-347]

  • Pellene (Forge World – Mining World) [CRB-345 / EWI-90]

  • Yanth a.k.a. Vanth (Death World) [CRB-345 / EWO-98]


Thule Sub-Sector

  • Aventine (Civilised World) [CRB-340]

  • Dark Echo (Research Station P3482XW – Volcanic World) [EWO-80]

  • Delta-Beta-Tau-3 (Mobile Research Station) [EWO-31]

  • Enkidu (Feral World) [CRB-338]

  • Hulee V (Hive World) [CRB-39]

  • Novabella (Agri World) [EWI-25 / SoH-4]

  • Ossuar (Shrine World) [CRB-41 / EBY-89]

  • Port Lokhart (Naval Station) [CRB-343]


Sub-Sector Unknown

  • Adderoth (Feudal World – Ice World) [EWI-27]

  • Angel KZ-8 (Designation Unknown) [CRB-346]

  • Echonis Augury (Void Station) [CRB-43]

  • Far Draconis (Ocean World) [CRB-346]

  • Forralis (Garden World) [EWO-76] Asphodel Depths Sub-Sector?

  • Gamma Euclid 13 (Designation Unknown) [CRB-346]

  • Infractus (Daemon World) [EBY-27] Thule Sub-Sector?

  • Hannover (Agri-World) [CRB-400]

  • Jubilus (Penal Colony) [EBY-29] Asphodel Depths Sub-Sector?

  • Kvaran IX (Death World) [EWO-27] Located between the Rubicon and the Cyclopia Sub-Sectors.

  • Marnine (Frontier World) [EWI-29] Thule Sub-Sector?

  • Nexum VIII (Penal Colony) [EBY-28]

  • Orsca (Designation Unknown)

  • Phanuel Tertius (Garden World) [EWO-29]

  • Rund (Feral World) [EWI-104] Located between the Rubicon and the Asphodel Depths Sub-Sectors.

  • Temperance (Frontier World) [EWI-122]

  • Tuchulcha (Daemon World) [CRB-348 / EBY-99]

  • Vapaus (Quarantine World) [EBY-31] Located between the Asphodel Depths and the Stygies Cluster Sub-Sectors?


The Rosenkreuz Cluster [CRB-348]



  • The Oath Unspoken (Rogue Trader Vessel) [FG-57] Travels the Cyclopia Sub-Sector.

  • Triumph of Juno (Sword-class Frigate) [EWO-35] Patrols in the Stygies Cluster Sub-Sector.


Note that some of these worlds are designated as Factory World, Civilised World, etc. ... This means that they don't have a designation that's currently listed as one of the available Home Worlds. (My guess is that some of these could be in new expansions, but I fear that FFG is somehow done with DH2e.... please prove me wrong, FFG!) If anyone with good knowledge of the 40k universe (which I unfortunately lack at the moment) could fill me in what Home World designation we could give these worlds instead (so my players could pick them if they so wanted), that would be a great help. For example, I assume that Ferrom (a Factory World) could be designated as a Forge World?


I've been looking through the 40k wiki, but it's not all that updated with Askellon Sector worlds.

Also, if anyone knows of other people having attempted to put together some sort of similar list like this, please let me know.


Thanks in advance! :)



Edit 1: Included Gnshal Oblitia and Vaxi in the Rubicon Sub-Sector, thanks to a helpful soul on reddit. :)

Edit 2: Found out there's a world named Orsca, but not much else is known about is for now.

Edit 3: Found out there's a world named Hannover, but not much else is known about is for now. Also added the Rosenkreuz Cluster, as suggested by eltom13. :)

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Since I was just in the process of compiling my own list and only remembered this thread shortly before I was done, some remarks:

  • First of all, thanks for the great list with page numbers and all. It is really helpful to look things up.
  • About Juno: You sure it belongs to the Asphodel Depths? Looking at the map [CRB-323] I'd rather put it in the Stygies Cluster. On the other hand as the sector's capital, maybe it does not belong to any sub-sector? By a brief glimpse at the description [CRB-325] I could not find any mention of Asphodel Depths ...
  • Similarly for Havarth and Core Theta, shouldn't they belong to either Stygies Cluster or Cyclopia?
  • Maybe Gregorn is closer to Cyclopia than Rubicon?
  • Maybe Laran 9K is in the Stygies Cluster?
  • I'd put Jubilus in the Asphodel Depths.
  • The Rosenkreuz Cluster [CRB-348] seems to be missing from your list.

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I can see where you're coming from. The map from the core rulebook is anything but clear on showing which planet belongs where. I went with an unofficial source on this one, so you might be correct on all those things.


I think the reason I left ouf the Rosenkreuz Cluster (on purpose), was because it's really vague on where it is exactly, and there's also no mention of planets in that cluster. It didn't really add anything to that list, in my opinion, but of course... it does make the list more complete if it's added. :)


Also, just to note, yesterday I discovered a new planet mentioned in the book. Namely an agri-world named Hannover, as mentioned in the Grox NPC description [CRB-400]. No idea where it belongs though.

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This is interesting. Looks like I'll have to update a new Askellon sector map soon.


Let's do this - help make sense of where things should go, and I shall do it. I see the wikia places Juno in the Stygies Cluster, despite no actual confirmation of this (I went with a random guess between stygies and asphodel depths, rather quickly too). 

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Well, unless FFG comes with an official response on where every planet is located (which will probably be never), I suggest we use Cognizar's amazing maps as canon. With the support ending soon (or let's face it, it has already ended), I think us players can fill in the blanks and, unless stated otherwise, assume it's correct.

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