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Kanan & Kyle - Thoughts?

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Anything with Autothrusters will not be particularly bothered by TLTs so basing your entire fleet around them might not be your best option.

Volume of fire has gotten my Soontir enough times though for this particular pairing I agree. I've seen this flown to good success before:


Ezra Bridger (20)
Wired (1)
Hera Syndulla (1)
Phantom (0)
Kanan Jarrus (38)
Accuracy Corrector (3)
Autoblaster Turret (2)
Recon Specialist (3)
Jan Ors (2)
Ghost (0)
Kyle Katarn (21)
Adaptability (0)
Dorsal Turret (3)
Recon Specialist (3)
Moldy Crow (3)
Total: 100
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i have flown this list with great success.


I fly this with stock zeb instead of ezra. i dont ever want to deploy my shuttle. if i do, ive lost already. based on that, i dont put points into my shuttle. i like your build on kyle that i might use it! (i never thought to use adaptability). I have also seen much more damage come from dorsal turret than ABAC. Its cool when it happens, but it doesnt happen enough for me. either way, the list is good enough that each individual can tweak it to their play style! I like to play it aggressively and on occasion will swap out jan ors for a second recon spec! enjoy flying this super fun list!

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