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Shiver Hero ability question

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Shivers Hero ability says: monsters must spend an additional movement point to enter a space adjacent to you.


So any monster of size 2 or larger can ignore this ability by stopping its move action 2 spaces away from Shiver and then expand to the space beside Shiver?

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Yup. However, additional movement points of large melee monsters (without reach) are lost, as an interruption of the movement for an attack is not possible in this case.


Now that my hope of a long line of simple "Yup":s have been shattered, I'd like to chime in and add to this, which is entirely true.

And the reason it's true is that to interrupt an action, a large monster needs to be able to declare what it's going to do, and to declare what it's going to do, it needs to be able to do it.


And to do a melee attack, it needs to be adjacent (unless it has Reach). It not being adjacent until after it's expanded prevents it from interrupting the action.

So in essence, the OL would have to choose between going into adjacency, suffer the consequences, interrupt it's movement action, and attack, or to end it's movement action, expand into adjacency, and then attack.


I realize that you know this, HavocDreams, I just felt a need to explain it thoroughly before anyone asks how or why this works and how it's a pretty fair trade-off. :)


Sucks for Shiv', though, when he's facing fatties.

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