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Lynnwood, WA - X-Wing Summer League: 'Canon' Theme

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Take a look!  It's in a book!
RTT's new Summer League!

New to X-Wing? Have a buttload of minis but no one to play against?
Join us every Thursday from 6pm on for a fun romp that is fully loaded with ways to earn League points towards fun promo prizes! 
Plenty of table space (usually) and lots of ways to play.
Most players will participate in 1-on-1 100pt dogfights, but this League we are also giving bonus points to folks flying Squadrons that would legitimately fly together in the Canon/Expanded Universe.
Need to know what those are? We have a huge selection of squadrons that you can fly for each faction and be within the 'Canon' rules.  We have it on our Facebook Event Page as well, but you can find our League Sheet including the Canon rules at the bottom.
Don't have 5 A-Wings for Green Squadron?  Don't sweat it!
Remember, building a Canon squadron is optional and only earns you bonus points.
Keep in mind we would love to get feedback and corrections, as it took a lot of cross-referencing Wikis to complete, and mistakes were most definitely made.  We also do not speak to the balance of these builds.  But it's just so fun!
The League ends August 18th.  See you soon.

Around the Table is an all-ages boardgame store and family pub sandwiched between Lynnwood and Edmonds, just a 15 minute jaunt north of Seattle via I-5.  

For more information on the event and our location, check our facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/roundthetable/

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