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ZWEIHÄNDER Grim & Perilous RPG complete! (Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Retroclone)

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It’s been a very long road, and the day is finally here…


All books will be shipped out by USPS Domestic within the United States, and USPS International outside the continental U.S. Pay heed to the following considerations:

United States Backers: For shipments within the continental United States, books will begin shipping Friday 8/18. You will be receiving an email within the next 48-72 hours with tracking information. Note that each book or sword will be individually packaged, thus you will receive separate emails for each.

International Backers: For shipments outside the continental United States, your books are on pallets headed to our distribution center in Chicago, IL. Distribution outside the US can take longer, however we have been assured that they’ll begin deployment from the distribution center on 8/25. As above, you will receive a separate email for each of the books and swords you ordered. However, there is one caveat: books will ship as ‘bound printed matter’ with a declared value of $10. This value is under most countries’ thresholds for duties and taxes, so you shouldn’t have incur any additional charges.

We have been assured by our distributor that duties for bound printed matter are generally the exception, and not the rule. In case of customs charges, please contact us direct with a receipt of duties, and we will issue you a reimbursement through Stripe or Paypal (whichever method you prefer).

Please note that we have taken every precaution to ensure expedient and reliable shipping. Bundling books together was extremely cost-prohibitive, but bundling them separately allowed us to upgrade the packaging to the strongest packaging money could buy.

The mailing process can be frustrating. Understand that until you receive the email notification, we do not have the ability to track down your book until its in transit. Simply put, if you haven’t received your tracking ID yet, we don’t have it yet, either.

For questions beyond this, do not respond in-line or by private message on our Kickstarter or web forums. Please reach out to us direct at daniel@grimandperilous.com so that we can respond faster. Daniel will personally be watching Kickstarter and the forums for miscellaneous inquiries, but we have others monitoring the email address above who can respond within 24 hours of submission.

Please be patient with us as our distributor gets everything lined up. Should the stars align as expected (and Tzeentch doesn’t do anything funky on the day of the solar eclipse), folks in the continental United States should have books in-hand by mid next week.

We are beyond thrilled to get this book into your hands, and would love it if you’d share a picture of you with the book on social media. Please visit our Facebook page and tag us – we’d love to feature each and every one of you holding a copy of ZWEIHANDER in-hand. The most creative picture will net a handful of winners a special surprise!

Thanks, and we can’t wait to hear about your grim & perilous tales using ZWEIHANDER! Join the conversation over at our web forums, and tell us about your experience: http://forum.strike-to-stun.net/viewforum.php?f=23
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Books have begun to arrive at folks’ doorsteps in the United States! Check out this thread over at RPG.net, reporting on the quality of the book: https://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?809159-Zweihander-Arrives

As mentioned in our previous post, our international shipments are on pallets in Chicago. However, given that we’ve seen a small handful of books landing at the doorstep with dented edges, I’ve ordered our distribution center to pause and repackage. Following this, remaining books will be wrapped in bubble wrap and replaced in the card-stock shippers. This should remedy any risks that international backers incur with having their local shipper handle the books improperly.

Although this will delay shipments by a couple of working business days, I’d rather plan for disaster than take any other risks. We want this to be perfect for each and every one of our supporters!

For those who’ve experienced damage to their books in the domestic US, email me at daniel@grimandperilous.com and I’ll see what I can do for you.

Greatly appreciate your patience on this, folks. And stay tuned! We may have some awesome news regarding a revised GM Screen here soon!

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