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Ringsdb: Boons & Burdens (and maybe First Age custom expansion)

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Hi all,


First of all i want to show my support for ringsdb. It is an amazing tool and has made deckbuilding much easier. Especially downloaing as an OCTGn file is very convenient. there are 2 things I haven't found out how to do yet or that could be added hopefully.


1)How to include any boons earned during a saga campaign. Right now I'm adding them manually in OCTGN.


2) A related question would be if there is a way to also introduce custom expansions like the First Age. It would be great if we could also builld decks using First Age or any other of the custom expansions.

I like the first age mythology just as much as the Third Age stuff. I understand there is never going to be any First Age FFG cycle due to licensing problems (on the whole it's propbaly good that the Tolkien heirs don't put all of the First Age open for commercial exploitation)..


I apologize if this topic has been brought up before. i couldn't find it right away when searching the forum.

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