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The Prelude to Coruscant

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Well here it is ladies and gentlemen, less than one week until the most exclusive X-Wing event of all time the Coruscant invitational. More than a 1000 people competed for the chance to travel to Celebration Europe but only eight will be there. Each one of them with three lists, one for each faction, complete with the "handicapped" ship that you guys have chosen. Now we all know what list won what tournament, but what do you really know about the people who played those lists, little more than a name and in some cases even the name might have appeared to be classified. That's where I come in. One of the key focuses of my video content is to help the viewer get to know the player rather than just his list. Things like watching a player whilst deciding an important maneuver or even just seeing the small details in how he places his cards during setup can give us an insight into the way these masters think.

So I hunted these guys down and proposed to them that a week before the event we organise a live chat show broadcast on YouTube with all the champions present, all have been very gracious in agreeing and making a little space in their schedule to share with you guys. Even so trying to get 8 guys across two continents to sit down at the same time was a difficult task and i managed to get them down to two separate programs.

So without further ado I give you two live talk shows that will be transmitted on Sunday 10th of July and Monday 11th of July to give you the opportunity to get to know each of these champions a little more personally so that whilst your watching the developments of the Coruscant invitational you will have a few more reasons to root for them than just a flag or a list. Please feel free to come and join us in the chat as surely there will be an opportunity to take questions from the public.


Prelude to Coruscant part 1:

Sunday 10th of July

17:00 CEST//16:00BST//11:00EDT//08:00PDT​

Watch Here


Prelude to Coruscant part 2:

Monday 11th of July


Watch Here



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