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Non-combat damage (indirect damage)

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Quick question regarding indirect damage.

For example: I deal 5 indirect damage to my opponent.

My opponent assigns it to a unit in a zone of their choice. There is only 1 unit in that zone.

If the unit that receives the indirect damage has 3 health, does that mean after the unit is discarded I get to apply 2 damage to my opponent's capital?

Or any excess damage is lost?

It is not clear to me in the FAQ.


Your opinions are appreciated.





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Your opponent can distribute the indirect damage any way he wants, he just can't assign any more to a unit, legend or zone than it would take to destroy/burn it. So in your example, if he assigns 3 damage to the unit, he has to assign the other 2 to other units/legends/zones. He can assign both damage to the same unit/legend/zone or split them up. It's all his choice. He could also just assign 1 or 2 damage - or none at all - to the unit to keep it alive and assign the rest somewhere else.

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